Darkvoice 336SE Tube Headphone Amplifier

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  • Good sound quality and beautiful shape
  • Use a double-triode 6N8P to amplify signals
  • Use a double-triode 6N5P as cathode output
  • Left and right channels supported by the same set of power supply


Technic Parameters:

Tube Used : 6N8P, 6N5P 
Frequency: +/-1dB 10Hz~20kHz 
Distortion: <=2% Output impedance: 32 to 600 ohm 
Power handling capacity: 1W 
Output terminal: 6.3mm Stereo Jack 
Input terminal: RCA Jack 
Power supply:  110V, 220~240V version (Note:110V will delay 3-5 days delivery)
Case dimension: 290(L) *160(W) *135(D) mm 
Gross weight: : 5.5kg



A darkvoice 336se unit

A power cable

Customer Questions & Answers


Hi i am interested in the 336SE and LA FIGARO339 what tubes can be used with adapters, do you sell those adapters for 336SE.Do you know best combination of tubes with hd800. and also is LAFIGARO 339 better with Senns hd800 than the 336se .What is warranty for these amps Thank you . Michel

9/28/14 7:38 PM Asked.

Hello, 336 SE Tube Used : 6N8P, 6N5P and LA FIGARO339 The tubes: OTK2 * 2, 6N5PJ * 2. Yes the LAFIGARO 339 will be tetter with HD800 than 336SE. Thanks.

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Hi Is it possible to buy the 336se or the (2013) 339 amp without tubes as i have many and what would be the prices of the amps without tubes .Thank you.

10/4/14 5:05 PM Asked.

Sorry to tell you that we don't just sell the item without Tubes. Thanks

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You can use 6AS7 AND 6SN7 right because 6n5p is a small tube you can 6N5P istead of 6AS7 tube ? Thank you

10/4/14 7:25 PM Asked.

Yes, can use 6AS7 and 6SN7 instand of 6N5P and 6N8P. P.S. 1). 6AS7 , 6080, 5998, 6H5C instead of 6N5P. 2). 6H8C, 6SN7, CV181, 5692, ECC33 instead of 6N8P. Thanks.

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