FX Audio D802 80W*2 192KHz Coaxial/Optical/USB Class D Digital Power Amplifier + Remote Control

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  • USB/coaxial/optical input
  • STA326 class D power amp
  • 32V 5A high-power power supply
  • 2x80W Super High power remote digital amplifier

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STA326 Class D remote power Amplifier Coaxial/Optical/USB Input 2*80W/4Ω High power Digital power  Silver +DC32V Power Supply

USB/Coaxial/Optical Input
32V 5A high-power power supply
2x80W Super High power remote digital amplifier
OLED cold light display screen!

The D802 is a pure digital high power amplifier that adopts ST "Sound Terminal" digital audio amplify technology,it supports the current world main audio modes including coaxial,optical,PC USB. Suitable for use with computers,LCD TV,set-top Box,Blue-ray,HD-DVD etc. equipments, rich input mode,there is always at least one that can meet your need. 2*80W 2 channel output can satisfy most listeners' requirements.
D802 amplifier adopts ST high quality digital amplifiers series--STA326 power amplifier, the function is much better than STA350BW,perfectly support any brand PWM regulation programme(Three increment,phase shift,or Two increment regulation technology.).ST adopts the advanced BiCMOS-DMOS technology to produce this amplifier ,this technology can promit integrating DMOS power stage,bipolar transistor & CMOS on the same IC.

D802 adopts FFX technology ,high sound quality,low power consuption,green.

Main components selection:
Main core chip IC groups:
Digital audio receiver:AKM4113     
USB 2.0 audio controller: VT1630A  
Power amplifier:STA326

Filter Capacitor:Japan NICHICON audio Capacitor,3pcs parallelling Capacitor up to 5400uF
Output Filter Capacitor:Germany WIMA Capacitor
Other Filter Capacitor:Germany Siemens & WIMA Capacitor,AUX  tantalum Capacitor.
Active crystal oscillator:FX exclusive Active crystal oscillator
Inductor:ST exclusive inductor
OLED cold light display screen
Protection circuit:amplifier double protection circuit:IC self-protection circuit+DC outputprotection circuit(Optocoupler isolation detection MCU automatically controlling)
Input Interface:USB coaxial gold-plated socket

1.It aopts OLED Cold light no interface display Screen,clearly displayed the working status of the machine.
2.It adopts specially exclusive active crystal Oscillator,High precision,much better than normal passive crystal.
3.High quality noctilucent remote controller,easy to operate even in the night.
4.Coaxial/Optical /USB bidth width 16--24 bit Sampling Rate 44.1KHz-192KHz(Partial products USB only support up to44.1KHz or 96KHz) ,this product USB can support upto 192KHz.
5.Support frequencyy display,automatically recognize external input signal Sampling Rate.
6.Software memory function:the input signal,tone,volume,Power on/off.
7.With various Digital audio processing mode.there is ndistortion or phase shift during Audio processing,also OLED has relative acoustic mode display.
8. 2 Level loudness adjusting,suitable for display various speakers.
9. Hi-fi direct mode,tha amplifier has double protection function:IC self-protection function,DC protection function,it adopts Optocoupler isolation detection MCU automatic

Input Interface:Optical x1  Coaxial x1  PC USB x1(Support partial Mobile OTG)
Output Interface:2-channel (Stereo)
Sampling Rate:44.1-192KHz(Coaxial/Optical)  44.1-192KHz (PC USB)
Bit Width:16-24 Bit
Frequency Response:18Hz-22KHz
Dimension:178mm x 114.5mm x 33.7mm
Weight:0.9KG(Unit Only)
Power supply weight:0.5Kg
Length of Circuit:1 meter
Appearance Process:Panel drawing technology
Power Output:80W+80W: RL=4Ω    50W+50 W;RL = 8Ω RMS
Rated Power:DC32V
SNR(Signal to Noise): 100dB
Impedance :4-8Ω

1 x D802 Amp
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Remote Control

Customer Questions & Answers


Hello   I just purchased a Fx D802 amp from a different vendor and I have a problem when I use it Once I have made my connections using the optical in and the right and left speaker channels out THE RIGHT SPEAKER CHANNEL HAS NO SOUND Why is this happening? All connection are good and both speakers and wires have been checked. Is the right speaker channel defective ???? Keep going over but no sound from right speaker channel Whats wrong with it?? Its new Help Thanks greg

3/12/16 6:46 AM Asked.

Hi,You can try to use cables, in the test, to confirm you the problem of the speakers.You can use the connection line in the left channel, answer the speaker of the right channel, see if right channel is first sound.Thank you.

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Hello  I know the power adapter to recommend for this product D802  Does the problem occur when using the power of 15v~19v, 2A~3A?  Thank you~!!

4/12/16 7:05 AM Asked.

Hi james,using the power of 15v~19v, 2A~3A is ok.But sound quality will be much worse.The best sound quality is using the power of 32V5A.Thank you.

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Mario Casalegno
Mario Casalegno

Sorry, what kind of speaker cable is it possible to plug? Only bananas? What about spades?  regards

9/18/16 2:46 AM Asked.

Hi Mario,it can use all kind of Banana cable to plug.Thank you.

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What does tone button on remote do? It bypasses EQ?

9/23/16 9:36 PM Asked.

Hi James,it can control EQ,volume,input kind,turn on or turn on and so on.  

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I think you didn't get my question.  I meant Tone button, not a remote controller.  What does tone button do?  

9/23/16 10:15 PM Asked.

Hi James,  It can select USB/Coaxial/Optical Input.

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I have the D802 in silver. It is connected to my TV via optical. I am getting no sound. The optical cable and stereo speakers were connected to a receiver and the speakers and wires all work. Is the unit defective?

10/5/16 3:58 PM Asked.

Hi Peter,Input to set into the optical.Thank you.

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