APPJ PA1501A 6AD10 Mini Tube Amplifier Upgrade Version of PA0901A

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  • Imported tube 6AD10
  • Upgrade version of PA0901A
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -80dB / 3.5W
  • Power Output: 3.5W+3.5W @ 8 ohms

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PA1501A tube amp is the latest tube amp from APPJ in 2015. It's upgraded version of PA0901A.

PA1501A using imported tube 6AD10, there are many other tubes can instead 6AD10 on the market, such as Grants Bradford, Amperex, RCA, Sylvania, Westinghouse, GE, Philco, ITT, Chief, Tung-Sol, CBS, Admiral, Standard , Arcturus, Raytheon, Zalytron, Aladdin, Zenith, Motorola, IEC, Amperex, Mullard and so on.

6AD10 is relatively late in the history of the tube thing, is indirectly heated cathode pole double five - five poles composite pipe, the performance is very good.

We use them as a small power pentode voltage amplification, power pentode as power amplifier, power transformer coupled input Chu.

6AD10 composed of amplifier performance is much better than the amplifier performance with 6BM8, ECL805, ECL82,6F3 composed in three aspects, noise, frequency response, and power, especially power, 6AD10 Chu 3.5W amplifier output is 6BM8, ECL805, sounds nice ECL82,6F3 can not compare more than EL84 and 6V6.


Tube: 6AD10
Power Output: 3.5W+3.5W @ 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 30-40Khz (+-1db)
Input Sensitivity: 500mV
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -80dB / 3.5W
Residual Noise < 0.5mV AC
Input AC Voltage: 100-250V AC
Power Consumption: 38W
Input Impedance: 10K ohms
Output Impedance: 8/6/4 ohms (Japan Z11-EI48*24 Output Transformers)
Dimensions: 160mm (w) x 134mm (d) x 125mm (h)
Weight: 2.5kg
Input: RCA Jacks
Output: Banana Jacks
AC: Standard IEC Jack with Fuse protection (2A Fuse)

Customer Questions & Answers


could you please send me the amp by DHL please ?  

1/18/16 11:21 AM Asked.

Yes,of course.

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please i am interesting for this amp can you send me via DHL ???

1/18/16 11:28 AM Asked.

Yes,we can ship it via DHL.

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bonjour,  Peut-on utiliser cet amplificateur avec un pré-ampli à tubes?

6/10/16 5:54 AM Asked.

Hi François,it can't as a preamp tube.Thank you.

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Do you sell replacement 6AD10 tubes? How much are they?

7/13/16 4:22 AM Asked.

Hi Chris,yes,we sell replacement 6AD10 tubes.It's 12usd/pcs.Thank you.

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Which is the amp wired for - triode, pentode, or ultralinear operation?

12/15/16 10:49 PM Asked.

Hi Chuck, the amp wired for pentode.Thank you.    

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Hello and Season Greetings,  The low-power pentode in the 6AD10 is a dual-control pentode for FM detection. This is normally highly unsuitable for low-frequency amplification unless you use it in triode mode. Is it possible to obtain a schematic diagram of the amplifier before buying one ?

12/25/16 1:41 PM Asked.

Hi Torben,The factory reply,it won't.Each different point of view, they can't provide schematic diagram.Thank you.

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If I order it today, when exactly will it arrive? I am in Moscow, Russia.

12/2/18 3:41 AM Asked.

Hi Vlad,It takes about two weeks for this item to reach you after the shipment.Thank you!

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