Audio Pro Living LVSUB FLAT DSP Power Subwoofer Wireless Receiver

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  • Built-in wireless receiver
  • Powered subwoofer with DSP
  • Wireless Audio from Whatever
  • Automatically Connects to Network

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With Living LVSUB Flat we simplify your bass experience. Hnag it on the wall, place it on the floor or hide away under the couch. The bass will give power to all your music wherever you set it.


Living LV-SUB is the ideal subwoofer to add more bass to your Living speakers. In addition to serving as a wireless subwoofer in the Living system, the LV-SUB Flat also connectsas a standard subwoofer to any audio device with a subwoofer output.

LV-SUB performs a powerful, deep and well-balanced bass. Audio Pro's hallmark since 1978 has always been massive bass response. On the rear you will find the manual controls for crossover frequency and bass level, as well as switches for wireless or wired connection. With a Class D amplifier 200W, along with a long-throw 8 "woofer and a DSP control the LV-SUB does wonders for bass supply in your home.

The execution is the same unique design as the rest of Living series, beautifully rounded corners and dressed in black or white leather with hand-stitched seams.


Type: Bass reflex, powered subwoofer with DSP, built-in wireless receiver
Amplifier: 200W digital Class D. Thermal and short-circuit protection
Driver: 8” long throw
Frequency range: 35 – 100Hz
Crossover: adjustable 50 – 90Hz
Adjustable levels, wireless: +/- 20dB
Adjustable levels, analogue: +20/-40dB
Dimensions HxWxD: 152x500x360mm (feet +30mm)
Finish: Black or white

Built-in wireless receiver
Automatically joins existing Audio Pro network
Wireless full CD quality sound
Remote controlled via Living loudspeakers
Easy setup, get wireless music in seconds
Range indoors: room to room up to 20 m
Range indoors: same room up to 50 m
Range open field: up to 100 m
No audible delays in network transmission
Works with both Mac and PC
Plug ‘n play, no software needed
Extensive multiroom possibilities
RF band: 2.4GHz
Sample rate: 48 KHz
Dedicated proprietary protocol network



Hang It on Walls
Easily hang LV-SUB Flat on walls with the enclosed wall brackets.

It's as Easy as Counting to Three
We design our products to be very easy to use. That's why our speakers need only power; our wireless units need no software and our transmitter only a sound source. Connect the speakers to power, connect the transmitter to your computer (or other device) and play your music. It's as simple as that!



Go Wireless or Wired
Besides working as a wireless subwoofer in the Living network, LV-SUB Flat can be used as an ordinary subwoofer: Connect to any receiver/speaker with a subwoofer output.


Automatically Connects to Network
LV-SUB Flat is very easy to install, it connects itself automatically to your existing wireless Living network. Just plug into socket, and you are done! Volume is adjusted in the network via all other Living speakers.


Wireless Audio from Whatever
Our flexible wireless transmitter makes it possible to connect to any soundsource. You can connect it directly to your computers USB port or to your stereo or iPod-, iPhone- and iPad-dock via 3.5 mm stereo cable. Done! Now you can enjoy perfect wireless sound. You can connect any soundsoruce which has a sound output (such as headphones out) to the transmitter, and all powered speakers which has line in to the receiver (separate USB powersupply is needed if the unit doesn't have USB power supply.)


Multiroom with Volume Zones
With Living speakers you can divide each House Code into three different volume zones. You can have one volume setting in your living room, another in the kitchen, and a third in the bedroom - all using the same source and House Code. A volume zone can also be an entire floor in your home. The volume in the each zone can be adjusted on all the speakers within that zone provided they have the same House Code setting. To adjust the volume of all speakers in another zone, you have to switch zone on the Living remote control handset. A master volume on the handset will control all zones at the same time.

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