AuGlamour R1s Balanced Professional Hi-Fidelity Quality In-Ear Mic Earphones

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  • Enhanced sense of low volume.
  • R1 main vocal, female particularly well, positioned vocal frontly.
  • balanced horizontal and vertical direction.
  • R1 tri-band analysis and details on the tri-band performance.



Enhanced sense of low volume, low-frequency elastic and dive overall have increased, early burning well satisfy the low-frequency, low  frequency convergence better, more mellow vocal part and the natural, the overall quality turn to a new level

AG-R1 main vocal, female particularly well, positioned vocal frontly. Meanwhile pop, classical, strings, country, blues, are so performance and very amazing. High resolution, high resolution aloud field, the overall permeability is excellent. Comfort, pure and smooth tone.

Resolution: R1-resolution adhering to the German Sennheiser peak brother, little rendering, high reduction, high sensitivity, the same to the overall picture gives the feeling unusually strong, detail outstanding, very subtle frequency response can be most vividly.

Permeabilities : transparent degree sound field: R1 sound field as a whole showed a very balanced horizontal and vertical direction, the overall sound more like a star field, three-dimensional sense is very strong.

Dynamic Frequency Response: R1 high sensitivity, impedance is very low, only 14 to 16 ohms, which means that the cell phone can be a very good performance with the R1. When the front end of the thrust enough, R1 bring transient performance is amazing. Classical music, symphony, details of the changes to show the extreme. Cheerful, bright, clear and accurate positioning, high tone reduction degree.

R1 tri-band analysis and details on the tri-band performance --R1 equalized for the main, tri-band as much as possible to achieve under the coordination of the case, you want to improve the performance of the ideal detail, frequency stability, the absence of tri-band too attenuated to enhance and circumstances.

R1 in the case of the new machine is not burning, high-frequency performance is very amazing, first of all the basic feel a sense of high-frequency distortion and glitches, high-frequency not break the feeling throughout the whole song, the high frequency of excellent play proved R1 in transparent and the high-frequency control has been very successful.

Because tuning stage, we do a lot of versions, different levels of tri-band equalization has finalized version of the actual level of bias in the tri-band high-frequency point is to enhance the overall permeability of the order.

when tuning to do a certain amount of low-frequency trade-offs, the actual performance out of the low-profile can be simplified as follows: low-rebound quickly, the sense of low volume component does not blindly increase the low volume (this will affect the high-frequency performance) overall low-frequency performance: moderate, moderate, but points. More prominent balanced, omnivorous, vocal, pop-oriented features.



Product Type: ear dynamic headphones

Headphone Type: HIFI professional music headphones

Cavity Material: Zinc Alloy Die Casting

Wire: 4-wire braided OFC

Cable Length: 130cm Y type

Color choices: bright color & matte black Yinqiang

Plug Diameter: 3.5 mm universal line

Microphone: None

Frequency range: 10Hz - 20000Hz

Impedance: 169 ohm

Sensitivity: 102DB ± 2DB



AuGlamour AG-R1

3 pair silicone Eartips (S.M.L)

1 pair of Earhook for Earphone

 1 accessory carry case  

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