Aune M2 32Bit/DSD Asynchronous double clock Class A Portable Player

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  • 3200mAh battery
  • 4 Digital filter options
  • Two low jitter crystal clock

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The new Aune M2 is a much improved version of its predecessor the Aune M1. The M2 now features 
additional formats, programming options and 32Bit playback. The interior software utilises an 
asynchronous algorithm and low jitter clock crystal to ensure the highest reproduction and sound 
quality. The Aune M2 has a much better housing than the M1, more sleeker, stylish and lighter enabling 
the M2 to be a far great success.



M2 basic :assemble with two Low jitter crystal clock customized in Japan

M2 Pro: assemble With two American CRYSTEK Military Femtosecond crystal clock,and assemble with tuning and Operational Amplifier combination

A milestones portable player

M2 was the newest HIFI portable player after reputable M1,it costs 2.5 years,use the new developed CPLD+AK4490 structure,support WAV/FLAC/APE/DEF/DSF/DSD ISO/M4A/AAC/MP3 and other type of file,support the highest type up to 32Bit/192k,a milestones portable player.

Appearance and technology
M2 is with simple appearance and design,made of aeronotic aluminum CNC, use carving font and laser,two technologies,and oxidizing treatment,sturdy and durable.

Class A Bias hearphone amplifier driver

The output of headphone amplifier was composed of very low THN+D Operational Amplifier and ten All discrete transistors,and the end of tubes use Level A Bias,bring you special taste of Level A hearphone amplifier

New design structure of clock
M2 use Asynchronous clock technology ,with two low jetter crystal clock,and very low digital jetter

Use two jetter made in Japanese Osaka specially for HIFI
strategic partner Cryystek cusomized femtosecond clock for M2,and do headphone amplifier tune for the clock for a long time.





2.4'' IPS display
Full Aluminium Chassis
AKM AK4490 32bit flagship DAC chip
4 Digital filter options
OP+BUF discrete transistor headphone amp integrating elements from B1 (co-designed by B1 team).
Gain adjustable for headphones and earphones
PGA2311 Analog Volume control
Over 3.1VRMS output
SNR: -116dB
HO THD+N- 0.001% (Loaded)
HO noise: 5.86uV (and at near max volume @3.1VRMS noise barely changes @6.08uV!)
LO THD+N- 0.001%
LO noise: 2.76uV
3200mAh battery
Battery life 9 hours of continuous playback.
Dual ultra-low jitter crystal oscillators (44khz, 48khz-192khz, DSD)
Asynchronous clock and CPLD technology
Micro-SD card support 128GB
Dimensions: 65*110*17 (mm).
Supported formats-
WAV:16bit|24bit|32BIT- 44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K/176.4K/192K WAV + CUE
FLAC:16bit|24bit- 44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K/176.4K/192K
DSD format:DSF/DSD64 - DFF/DSD64 ISO


1 x Aune M2 Player
1 x Carry pouch
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Instruction manual

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Hello, I shuld want to order from Italy, but I'm not sure if you send from china or european warehouse due to calculate the customs cost.  Thank you  

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Hi Sergio,    Thank you for your email.  We ship from China.And don't worry.We will declare 30usd.  It will not due or a little due.    Best regards  Kerwin  Shenzhenaudio

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hello,please can you tell me if the device will send from china or from europe please?? I want to know if I must to calculate the customs , if I will buy from this site

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Hi Sergio,    Thank you for your email.  We ship from China.And don't worry.We will declare 30usd.  It will not due or a little due.    Best regards  Kerwin  Shenzhenaudio

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