AUNE S1 Pro 32Bit HiFi Digital Music Player AKM4390 DAC Headphone Amplifier

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  • CUE file playback support
  • Using T1 high-performance CPU
  • Supports up 24BIT-32BIT file playback
  • DAC uses the latest AKM4390, up to decode 32BIT


Thanks for purchasing aune 32 BIT S1 HIFI Digital Music Player, it is new products of aune, and it is the third gerneral of APE,

8G SD card for free, right S1 can support Smart phone, Iphone, Ipad contorl

S1 with high-quality digital output , 16BIT output -93DB, 24BIT output -132DB ( measured), you will have a super good turntable, you can connect high-quality decoder , remind , S1 can connect 24BIT / 192K decoder can output devices currently 24BIT digital signal can be small, while S1 digital output using premium digital output transformer and output capacitor COG !

S1 internal mosaic 4 -layer PCB 32BIT AKM4390 DAC, AKM4390 commonly known as the CPI DAC chip , this chip is truly 32BIT chip integrates DSP, S1 features an analog output with CPI sound , warm and mellow and beautiful sound , very high frequency control right , the overall balance of the three-terminal , an open sound will impress you .

S1 with headphone output can directly drive headphones, your bedroom or a small environmental choice.

S1 is more important feature is ESATA interfaces with all current domestic player has only S1, ESATA provide transmission speeds 3G / sec , chasing, with solid-state hard drive-based players coming 32BIT most important storage medium ESATA interface , S1 lead Players important criteria.

S1 can play music files directly 32BIT , we measured as 32BIT/96K, currently most players only to 24BIT, S1 32BIT24BIT16BIT play .



Using T1 high-performance CPU.
Supports up 24BIT-32BIT file playback, currently supports 24BIT-192K file
CUE file playback support
Supports WAV-FLAC-APE music files high quality
Two USB ports thirst a SD card , U disk and SD card support
With a network interface
Have a headphone jack
Using split linear power supply design
DAC uses the latest AKM4390, up to decode 32BIT
With five -pin external power connector, with the power upgrade feature
Along with coaxial and optical digital output all the way


1, support CUE play mode : aune S1 support CUE mode machines can arbitrarily select the track you want to play , and the CD player has the same choices and modes of operation . CUE does not support single player will play the entire file from scratch , unable to selections .
2, aune S1 up to 32BIT/96K mastering music player , has been downward compatible , 24BIT/192K mention , the real master of music playback
3 , support for file formats : WAV + CUE, APE + CUE, FLAC + CUE, AAC; supports external ESATA hard drives, solid state drives , providing up to 3G / S read speed transmission , maximum support 2T hard drive as the master tape playback , a powerful storage media support is very important , a master of music files with up to 2.7G capacity, relative to 32G memory card can only store 12 records, far failed to meet the storage needs of the real
4, USB interface supports USB2.0 transmission, absolutely perfect to meet the master 12M / S transmission requirements . Most similar machines on the market , only use USB1.1 interface , intends to play 24BIT/192K file with the USB1.1 interface of the machine, with predictable results.
5 , split power supply design , spared no expense with aluminum casing split power , so the power away from the interference effectively complete motherboard, the machine will be used only HIEND fission power , to every aune S1 users.
6, using the real support of AKM4390DAC 32BIT chip , AKM is a professional recording areas of the company , AKM4390DAC IC, completely over the civilian level indicators . Support 30kHz to 216kHz sampling rate , digital attenuator , de-emphasis filter , fully differential analog outputs. The large dynamic range of 120dB and -103dB of THD + N. The machine is also a 24BIT/192K while the DAC, can be directly connected to CD turntable . And this machine also have direct access headset functionality .


 S1 core technology design features

1, using the core algorithm design audio machines
aune grasp the core underlying audio algorithms , currently only two companies throughout the country dared to adopt the core algorithm design audio machines , aune APE designed in 2007 for the first player , more market players use a microcontroller or similar programs , large-capacity SSDs support , 32BIT master file playback , cue file support , USB2.0 support, and support for reading speed 3G / sec ESATA interface is really important player mastering interface and ensure that these are all commercially WAV player bottlenecks , S1 high-end products for the aune player platform design , ARM + CPLD platform is defined as aune 1500 yuan products, such as X5 series
2 , Texas Instruments TI platform for strategic cooperation program
Using TI's 1808 platform, with a link DMA technology , ensure the integrity of the details perfect continuous output data stream , software systems, covering dozens of optimized Audio decoder, the decoded output digital signal processing DSP , FPGA verilog software programming, network UPNP protocol control , file sharing , remote playback / control and other agreements , the coverage is quite extensive , virtually no other company related design !

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