Aune X5S 24Bit/192K HiFi DSD Asynchronous Digital Player

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  • Dynamic range: 112 dB
  • THD + N @ 1KHz: -102 dB
  • Oputput voltage level @ 0dB: 2.1 Vrms
  • Frequency response (from 20 Hz to 20 KHz): ±0.5 dB

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The X5s is Aune's second generation mini master-tape grade digital audio player with high quality sound and high standard. It supports 24bit/192k multiple formats & DSD, and employs ARM+CPLD+DSD1793 as the main frame. Digital outputs and analog outputs together make it easier to build your own mini audio system.

Multi-format playback
Supports 24bit/192k wav/flac/ape formats and master-tape-grade DSD playback. Agenuine master-tape-grade multi-format digital player.

Pure digitial transport design - Multifunction
Based on the digital transport part, extending to DSD DAC function, equipped with high quality coaxial/ optical/ AES output, a multifunctional digital transport/ DAC.

Two customized ultra-low jitter clock crystal oscillators as core components
Customized clock crystal oscillators guarantee the ultra-low jitter in the whole digital part, to pursue the best sound! The importance of clock crystal oscillators to a digial player is like good genes that have a direct influence on the descendants!

Isolated digital output = Zero interference
Two digital output transformers to isolate the digital signals super clean digital output!

Two filter options of analog output
SHATP and SLOW teo filter options, provides you with two kinds of timbres

Simple and smooth design - patent
Arc-shaped design, Simple, smotth and small

tuning based on origianl recording sessions & aiming at great listening experiences
Each of aune products is designed to show you the music as it is. It;s more than just a cold machine. And we always follow the rule that the tuning should bring out the natural and musical sounds, present the real testure of each instrument, and be based on our understanding of music.

Humanized design of the X series
The Aune X series took all knds of user environments into consideration and stimulated using in different situations, The design echoes with one another, making it easy and pleasant to match them. They can create a gorgeous listening environment for you!


Digital Ooutput Indicatior              FS Jitter                        THD + N
16Bit/44.1K 1KHz/0DB                  1.3NS (P-P)                     -98.25DB
24Bit/96K 1KHz/0DB                     5.2NS (P-P)                     -137.8DB
24Bit/192K 1KHz/0DB                   2.7NS (P-P)                     -138.8DB


Typical Line Output Indicators                RCA
Oputput voltage level @ 0dB                    2.1 Vrms
Frequency response (from                        20 Hz to 20 KHz) ±0.5 dB
Dynamic range                                          112 dB
THD + N @ 1KHz                                     -102 dB


1 x X5S Unit
1 x Power Supply
1 x SD Card
1 x Electronic-Directions

Customer Questions & Answers


Can you tell what Dac chipset is being used in the Aune Audio X5s.  Thank you.

3/14/17 1:41 PM Asked.

Hi Larry,Aune X5s use CPLD chip.Thank you.

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