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Cayin Spark MJ-22U High Sensitivity FM/AM Two-Band Radio Retro Wooden Radio

  • Built-in USB player 
  • Do use active speakers
  • High-performance FM stereo decoder circuit
  • High sensitivity , selectivity, and strong anti-jamming


P.S. For this Item, I just have 220V (±10%)

Has a stereo line input jack , do use active speakers
Built-in high-energy 3 inches full-range speakers , awesome
capability , built-in high-performance FM stereo decoder circuit
Using precision damping tuning structure , a more accurate selection
Set FM 75Ω antenna socket , connect the FM indoor or outdoor antenna
Built-in USB player, can play MP3 USB storage devices , WMA, AAC format music files
Set AM 300Ω external antenna jack , an external antenna to improve the ability to accept Wave
Has a stereo headphone output jack , use headphones to listen to music in stereo FM radio and USB
12mm thick high -density fiberboard enclosure , advanced surface mount wood bark, highlight the noble and elegant
FM, AM two band radio circuit , the integrated circuits and discrete components consisting of high-quality , high receiver sensitivity , selectivity, and strong anti-jamming



Output Power : 6.5W (RMS 4Ω)
FM :
Frequency Range : 87MHz ~ 108MHz
Noise limited sensitivity : better 5uV
SNR : 60dB ( mono ), 55dB ( stereo )
AM :
Frequency Range : 530kHz ~ 1610kHz
Noise limited sensitivity : better than 0.5mV / m
SNR : 42dB
Maximum power consumption : 36W
Volume : 234 × 128 × 168 ( width × height × depth )
Weight : 2.5Kg


Packing List
Radio × 1
Power cord × 1
FM antenna × 1
Manual × 1
Product warranty × 1
75Ω coaxial antenna connector × 1


Packing List

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