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Cayin Spark N6 PCM1792A DSD Lossless Music Player

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Price: US$619.98
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  • Can enjoy high quality music with computer
  • Full of profound mystery of the unique UI design
  • SACDISO PCM1792 DAC chip dual format Independent channel
  • DSD playback and support for the solution of the original stiff output



Aircraft-grade aluminum shell will cost 3 hours 24 minutes 16 seconds CNC finishing to make Carbon fiber backplate, lightweight and hard, high-end look gorgeous


ALPS volume mechanical turntable performance chip performance from TI's superior stabilityand durability


DSD playback and support for the solution of the original stiff output


 High-performance asynchronous USBAudio2.0 output can enjoy high quality music with a computer


 Lineout and digital coaxial output


Minimalist interactive interface, a single finger that control, easy to operate


Native DSD decoding hardware solution SACDISO PCM1792 DAC chip dual format Independent channel design, each channel using high-quality stereo one TI chip, guarantee a perfect sound


High-performance line-out connector and coaxial output terminal for external digital recorders and DAC, scalability rich


 Built-in 8G storage space to support external memory card, giving you enough space capacity


High performance gilded copper head headphone jack miss any subtle details


Full of profound mystery of the unique UI design, easy to control, giving you unlimited reverie




Using two Texas Instruments stereo DAC chip PCM1792A is the industry's most advanced highest performance chip, each chips are in mono mode, the left and right channels separately using a separate DAC, to make it full Fengyun superior performance. In addition, the machine MCU in real time via software instruction set in the best condition PCM1792A sense of hearing according to the playback state. PCM1792A in PCM / DSD dual state, according to the playback mode automatically converted state, a real native playback DSD decoding.


For better performance and sound quality, the machine uses a sophisticated precision I / V converter circuit, a low-pass filter circuit and line amplifier, fully meet the requirements of high-definition music playback.


 Volume is controlled by a high-performance chip volume PGA2311 Texas Instruments, the high cost but superior performance.


3 TCXO, using high-performance four-layer FR-4 board, and after immersion gold handle, with excellent electrical and thermal properties.


Powerful computing capability, multi-format audio fidelity reduction


Based on dual-core XBurst support SIMD / SIMD2 and DSP instructions, stable operation under 576MHZ frequency, which provide solid support for full HD hardware decoding player. Supported formats include system itself DSD, WAV, APE, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, OGG, MP3, WMA and other file formats, a dozen audio decoding.


 N6 uses ultra high-speed large-scale programmable logic device SA2000, supported by three independent crystal frequency input signal into the DAC's for all to purify, to provide a more pure source basis. In addition,through signal processing SA2000, the native DSD output signal to the DAC, the DAC will match the performance of play to the limit.





Rated output power  220Mw+220mW(32ΩLoad)
Frequency response  20Hz-20kHz±0.2dB
THD + Noise  0.005%(20Hz-20kHz,A计权)
Dynamic Range   110dB(20Hz-20kHz,A计权)
SNR     109dB(20Hz-20kHz,A计权)
 Output Impedance   0.26Ω


Rated output power  1.7V(10KΩload)
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz±0.2dB
THD + Noise  0.004%(20Hz-20kHz,A计权)
Dynamic Range   110dB(20Hz-20kHz,A计权)
SNR    109dB(20Hz-20kHz,A计权)


Rated output power 0.5V(75Ωload)


Output Impedance    75Ω



Customer Questions & Answers


how soon delivery to India? Can you quote a lower price oninvoice

12/17/14 11:29 PM Asked.

Will cost about 7-20 working days. Yes, can mark it as a gift and delcare lower value. Thanks.  

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Hello,  Do you have experience shipping to Russia and how long delivery takes?

2/26/15 8:03 AM Asked.

EMS will cost about 15 working days, Free Shipping will be ship via China Post, will cost about 20 working days. Thanks.

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Does it support SACD .iso files?

1/16/16 2:37 PM Asked.

No,it doesn't.

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