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Choseal AH5405 Double Lotus RCA Jack High Quality Audio Cable 1.5m

  • Make clear image without distortion
  • Strengthen the anti-interference ability
  • The segregation are few and impurity is low
  • Connection is more convenient and accurate

1, pure 24K gold plated plug, effectively reduce the contact impedance and attenuation of the signal;
2, pure non-magnetic metal plug, the effective shielding, protect the plug connections from external electromagnetic interference;
3, the plug is labeled in electrical appliances audio input / output socket, the connection is more convenient and accurate;
4, the special configuration of radio frequency cutoff device, effectively prevent the interference signal wire shielding layer transmission, strengthen the anti-interference ability;
5.high quality PVC transparent sheath, with wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, environmental protection, with long service life;
6, using high-density oxygen-free copper ( OFC ) braided shielding, effectively isolating the electromagnetic interference, make clear image without distortion;


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