DA&T AC Filter High Performance Audiophile Super Power Purifier Filter for Audio and Video

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  • Radio frequency interference (RF)
  • High Performance Audiophile AC Filter
  • 2 way American standard socket output
  • Provide clean power without interference


This is Taiwan's new senior Yatsu strip with power filtering function, two-way American standard socket output (USA Hubbell professional grade sockets). Its powerful filtering capabilities to filter the power mains clutter, electromagnetic radiation (EMI), radio frequency interference (RF), hi-fi equipment to provide clean power without interference. Especially if forced to hi-fi equipment and other electrical wires all the way to share with family, other electrical noise and electromagnetic radiation generated easily affect the hi-fi equipment, resulting in decreased transparency, SNR degradation in this case next, Yatsu power filters can play excellent results

Brand: DA&T
Switch: None
Number of jacks: 2
Voltage range: 110V-240V
Frequency range: 50Hz-60Hz
The maximum allowable current: 10A
Wire Length: 60 CM
Demension: 9 * 19 * 19 (CM)
Gross Weight: 1.5KG

Q1: Whether DA&T AC Filter power consumption?  Thank you
A1: DA&T AC Filter only filter noise, not cost any eletricity. Thanks

Q2:How long is the DA&T AC Filter's Pwer cord? Because wall plug some distance from the ground do not know the length of adequacy, thank you.
A3:  DA&T AC Filter is 60CM. There are two screw holes at the bottom of the wall, you can try is fixed on the wall. AC filter is recommended when used in conjunction with the strip should be installed in the strip after, should not be installed between the wall plug and the power strip (unless this strip 3C dedicated to computer use)

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