DA&T U-1S HiFi 50WPC Intergrated Power Amplifier + DSD DAC + APP Headphone Amplifier

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  • Use new USB interface
  • Digital Input Optical: Spdif  192K/24 Bit
  • Digital Input USB: 44.1K~96K/16~24 Bit
  • Digital Input Coaxial: Spdif   192K/24 Bit


We have more than once mentioned PCB Lay out the circuit board planning and the importance of the line to go, of course, for the new U1S with U2S we can not give up may trace the progress of the new PCB Lay out with HA-2 using the same level of planning and a star arc traces to be more stable characteristics and anti-jamming capability EHF, which is equivalent to strengthen the amplification performance U1S and U2S's.
In order to achieve a longer life, some of us have done zero object adjustment part from maintenance records, we found that over ninety percent of the repair and delivery of goods are hit, and therefore we have to improve a part of the man-machine interface components, such as volume potentiometer, we designed the original short axis VR changed to Japanese ALPS long metal shaft design RK163, to ensure better sound quality and longer life.
U1S and U2S implemented in the future and look forward to playing a full correspondence format, respect for 44.1K result also makes digital playback is no longer just unimaginative details and dynamics of it, but the graceful lines and rhythm, technological advances in the product should enjoy high quality is no longer synonymous with expensive.

New USB Interface
Conducted for the older USB interface chip overall considerations, we extend the new chip, during which improved Jitter (time base error), down from the original 220ps RMS to 143ps RMS, and the corresponding additional number of 32 yuan and enhance Clock and PLL the accuracy of the calculation.

While the new USB interface for computer chips are also more friendly, but do not account for computer performance, new control interface (APCL) and driver (Driver) makes the operation more visual and simple.

DSD Playback
We hope the future will have a circulation of high-quality files can be easily purchased and the ability to play, but can not be ignored is 44.1K / 16bit or a large database of the most, if compared with the used DVD Audio or SACD, that record DVD Audio and SACD circulation on can be described as rare, so in addition to increasing our U1S with U2S DSD playback features, more attention is on CD 44.1k / 16Bit seriously.

Power output: 50w at 8 ohm  
                      65w at 8 ohm @ 10 %
                      90w at 4 ohm  
Frequency Response: 12hz ~ 100khz ,  +0dB ,– 3dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: Less then 0.0065 %
S/N  Ratio: 110dB
Damping Factor: 60
Gain: 40  dB
Input Impendance: 100k ohm
Slewing Rate: 20v/us
Analog Inputs: 1 RCA
Peak Current Output: 13A/1ms
Peak Voltage Output: 34V/1ms
Digital Input Optical: Spdif  192K/24 Bit
Digital Input Coaxial: Spdif   192K/24 Bit
Digital Input USB: 44.1K~96K/16~24 Bit
Dimensions(H×D×W): 55×320×165 m/m
Net Weight: 4.6 kg
Gross Weight: 6kg

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