TOPPING D30 DSD Audio-Decoder USB koaxiale optische Faser XMOS CS4398 24 Bit

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  • D30 supports USB ,Coaxial and Optical Fiber. 
  • Two switches,two light indicators.
  • HD audio OP AMP OPA2134.Japan KOA resistance.
  • XMOS asynchronous interface

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D30 supports USB,Coaxial and Optical Fiber. Input range 16-24bit/44.1-192KHz
Two switches,two light indicators
Aluminum shell
XMOS asynchronous interface
Cirrus CS4398 decoding chip
Japan KOA resistance
Genmany WIMA capacitor
Germany Siemens capacitor
HD audio OP AMP OPA2134

Digital audio input interface:USB +Coaxial +Optical Fiber
Analog audio output interface:1*RCA (1 channel stereo)
Weight: About 427g
Size: Aboyt 12.2*3.8*17.7cm

Decoding range:
USB: 16-24bit/ 44.1-192KHz,DSD64,DSD128
Optical Fiber:16-24bit/ 32-192KHz
Coaxial :16-24bit/ 32-192KHz
Background noise (sampling rate 44.1KHz):
USB: 3.9uVrms
Optical Fiber: 5.2uVrms
Coaxial : 5.1uVrms
Line Out output level: 2.1Vrms @1KHz
Typical distortion (@1KHz,sampling rate 96KHz)
USB: 0.00062%
Optical Fiber: 0.00063%
Coaxial : 0.00065%
SNR (sampling rate 44.1KHz):
USB: 115.7db
Optical Fiber:113.2db
Coaxial :113.4db
Channel separation (@1KHz,sampling rate 44.1KHz)
Optical Fiber:-117.6db
Frequency response:10-20KHz-+1.2db

1 x 100-240B input 15V1A output power adapter
1 x USB cable
1 x U-disk

Customer Questions & Answers


Hi, How long does it take to ship to Chile?

5/20/17 2:29 PM Asked.

Hi Pablo,it will take 7-15 days.Thank you.

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Hello, please TOPPING D30 DSD can decode native DSD? Thanks in advanced

6/29/17 5:54 PM Asked.

Hi Eduardo,the D30 can decode native DSD.But you should find a driver to support to decode native DSD.Thank you.

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Can I connect a 2TB portable hard disk to Topping via USB?

6/29/17 5:57 PM Asked.

Hi Eduardo,,it can't.Thank you.

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Hi! Many thanks for your kind answers, my situation is this: I want the Topping to connect it to my home theater system consisting of: a/v receiver, preamplifier and blu ray player. I connect a 2tb portable disk to my blu ray player in order to listen music. Does Topping will work for me?  Thanks again!  

6/30/17 11:38 AM Asked.

Hi Eduardo,you can try to add in blu-ray players and between the preamp.But he need to confirm the blu-ray player output formats to be compatible by d30.Thank you.

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Hi can i connect samsung galaxy s8 to this via usb otg?

12/27/17 2:27 PM Asked.

Dear Kenzo,yes,it can connect samsung galaxy s8 to D30 via usb otg.Thank you.

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Rini Ash
Rini Ash

hi, can you ship via DHL Express like its an option at the Topping A30?    regards,  Rini

1/21/18 2:16 AM Asked.

Dear Rini,we had set the Express,Thank you.

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Hello,  is it possible to connect D30 directly to poweramp,  and use software volume control, lets say from Foobar2000?

1/31/18 5:06 PM Asked.

Dear Srdjan,yes,it can decoder PCM,can't decoder DSD.Thank you.

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Hello. My D30 have arrived today. I have a problema with de coaxial imput. I have conected a marantz CD Player and a sony DVD Player, but it doesn't sound.

3/9/18 7:04 AM Asked.

Dear Fernando,please check the connect cable,Check the d30 unlock light or not.

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