Denon AH-NCW500BK Globe Cruiser On-Ear Wireless Headphones Black

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Super portable wireless noise canceling headphones Luxury Travelers


Designed to fold flat into a case about the size of an iPad (case included), Denon's Globe Cruiser headphones, AH-NCW500SR and AH-NCW500BK, are exceptionally portable. Created with the frequent business traveler in mind, Denon's Globe Cruiser On-Ear headphones provide exceptional sound quality, Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity, advanced noise cancelling, and integrated controls & microphones for a peaceful yet productive travel experience.

Denon's patent pending control wheel and integrated On-Ear cup microphone allows for easy control of Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad and clarity of phone calls and control of Siri voice recognition personal digital assistant (available on iPhone 4S). 

Detailed Parameters
Weight / 305g 

Driver Diameter / 40mm 

Drive Type / Dynamic
Impedance / 100Ω 

Sensitivity / 112dB/mW 

Maximum power input / 1000mW
Frequency Response / 5-37,000 Hz (with aptX Bluetooth 3.0), providing advanced via Bluetooth, CD-quality audio

Carabiner with leather travel case
Micro USB charging cable
Audio Cable
Airline adapter CD-quality wireless streaming

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