Soundaware CD-One CD Player High Fidelity Playback DC driver precise CD ripper

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  • Performance is very excellent
  • Voltage: 100~120V, 220~240V
  • CD-One is customized for CD enthusiasts
  • CD-One inherits the high performance from A200S


CD-One is customized for CD enthusiasts. Not only the high fidelity playback, but also the precise CD ripper areensured. Meanwhile the musical feelings and HIFI performance are all excellent.



1. CD-One has Error correction itself. Based on optimization of EAC, it reads data to the internal memory repeatedly, and checks in real time, in order to ensure the data delivered to the player is the most accurate.

2. The ripper of CD-One is under the mode of extreme mute, lowest speed and precise flow. The firmware driver is specialized at deep optimizing on audio CD. CD-One could ensure the data extracted from CDs is the most accurate, meanwhile the album, musicians and other information could be stored into SD card through the internet freedb synchronously.

CD-One inherits the high performance from A200S.
Special Audionote transformer is used on CD-One. The power socket and fuse are made of deep-cooled alloyed cladding material, which is exactly the same as A200S. The ENIG PCB is designed to be entirely linear low-noise, low internal resistance, converting SATA to USB3.0. The high-end audio capacitance ensures excellent musical feelings and Hi-Fi performance.

After optimization design, the damping effect is obvious. The drive of CD-One is isolated completely from the machine’s casing. The connecting places (joints between CD drive and enclosure, all screw joints) use shock-absorbing and isolated material. This optimization ensures the good shock-absorbing performance.

Pioneer Blue-ray drive is the option after the experiment with many kinds of CD drives. After second exploited, the Blue-ray drive is able to further optimize the audio CD; many aspects of EAC are also optimized, such as the cache technology, accurate extraction, error detection, offset adjustment etc. On this basis, SOUNDAWARE further deeply exploits this blue drive, including data error detection and recover



Weight: 4.8kg
Dimension: 30.5*23.6*10.4cm L*W*H
Voltage: 100~120V, 220~240V


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Rear side photo is missing. Please add.  Otherwise it is hard to understand connection principle.

12/3/16 3:33 AM Asked.

Hi Pavel,we had add the rear side photo.Thank you.

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