DIVINI DCA-2 HiFi Silver Plated Copper Stand Double Shield Coaxial Digital Cable PC-OFC 1.5M

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  • Good quality
  • High isolation performance
  • Material is soft, greater flexibility


Divini new DCA-2 coaxial digital cable, wire body material is soft, greater flexibility in the use, so with the degree of wire, equipment and space for more improvement. DCA-2, although there is no Huali Liang eye appearance, but quite solid material, the use of PC-OFC conductors crystalline silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductor 0.2mm diameter core structure is 19, three twisted together. Divini stressed DCA-2 conductors are taken outside 20u thick silver plated handle, this design not only because silver has better high-frequency conductivity, it is generally thin silver-plated conductors have a high frequency is more harsh feelings, and thick silver plated you can make DCA-2 has no such problems.

Insulated and shielded areas, PE material coated on the outer conductor shield is formed by adding an aluminum foil barrier layer silver plated OFC braided shield double isolation layer structure to isolate electromagnetic interference. The outer layer is made of double-PVC material to form a surface layer of resilient shock absorbers. DCA-2 mining double isolation structure, in order to have better isolation performance.


Exclusive copper conductor terminal
The terminal section, Divini is not sloppy under the foot work, DCA-2 digital cable using Divini's proprietary copper conductor RCA terminal head, terminal copper conductors for small signal conduction better than brass conductor . Divini after the wire solder joint, the joint is also poured into the gel and isolated copper paste, in order to completely isolate the electromagnetic interference in the center of the outer conductor in order to isolate noise.

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