DIVINI FACT S-S2 HiFi RCA to RCA Cable Pure Silver Signal Cable Signal Line 1 / 1.5M

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DIVINI AUDIO Design Concept
Wire for the average consumer. Audio equipment is more difficult to understand in part also because of this. Will be on the effectiveness of the wire can produce widespread big question. So especially in this elaborate design concept some wire.

1. Material
In most enthusiasts cognition. The higher purity wire. Conductivity is higher. More complete electrical signal conduction in theory is right, but in practice. Even 8N conductivity than copper, but also 4N high, but 10% oxygen-free copper. in theory I just put increased conductor cross-sectional area of more than 10%. that is not to be able to get a lower impedance and better conduction of electrical signals it? ? If this is the case then what is the presence of copper 8N significance? ? The actual electrical signal conduction. There are a lot of factors than the conductivity of the conductor more influential. Smelting different ways you can produce a more specific data can be quantified to understand. On the silver with copper smelting material way. OCC (Ohno continuous Casting), a hot-cast model of continuous casting process, "the conductor manufacturing technology, which can minimize the crystal-mediated generation. that is to reduce the electrical signals passing barrier. let loss of electrical signal reaches a minimum. in general use wire conductor OCC said impurity made the least. conductivity is the highest.

2. Structure
Speaking of each wire structure has been most emphasized fever wire manufacturers and focus on the part. Wire basic affect signal integrity has three main indicators resistance, capacitance, inductance. Basically as long as these three indicators do our best. that is a good performance wire up, but tend to be counterproductive in terms of resistance, are now doing very well so it can be ignored. As long as the capacitance value is slightly higher, it would surely produce high-frequency phase difference. Some people may say that the impact of high frequency Ah should not affect the audio range now. electrical signals often have harmonic
Accompanied produce. So if the capacitance value just slightly higher. Will affect the sound frequency range of inductance values and vice versa. Phase of produce also have a range of audio effects. But as long as fit for the purpose will use a variety of different ways to design wire applications also can be produced in line with the use of high quality wire.

3. The connector terminals
Links with the equipment required by the wire connectors. In effect on the sound, the impact of the joint and as much influence wire, and the wire production, is also the most easily overlooked joints in the production of the joint are generally brass production, which is both cost and durability of practice, but it also caused no small loss. DIVINI AUDIO on the joint requirements are very high, so all must be special to custom design their own production. in meet the requirements in the joint material as long as in connection with the signal path, the signal will be in copper processing .. natural conduction capacity is much superior than the brass

DIVINI AUDIO on wire design concept is based on the most minimal impact on the direction of the signal is passed to execute. I hope in the purest materials. The most careful processing. Available to the public a reasonable and Philharmonic right choice.

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