DIVINI PT-C HiFi Pure Copper Power Cable High Quality 7N OCC Power Cord 1.5M

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  • 99.9999% OCC
  • 3P Shielding Structure
  • 7N OCC Single-Crystal Copper







Length: 1.5m
Cable Type: Power Cable
Conductor Materiall: 99.9999% OCC
Wire Diameter: 2.49sq * 2 + 2.97sq * 1
Structure: 3P Shielding Structure
Shield: Multi OFC shielding
Outer Diameter: 17.0 mm

Material: 7N OCC single-crystal copper


Woven structure:
3 core mining stocks independent structure twisted by 0.15mmOCC water pole FireWire core coupled with the 0.3mm OCC twisted grounding wire core composition. Two shield is 0.1mm thick copper and copper respectively OFC woven isolation network composition. waterline and FireWire diameter is 2.5 Mm square ground for 3.0mm sq. impedance reached a low point. current can be quickly delivered to the equipment.
Larger cross-sectional area of grounding wire core power to make an excellent stability. You can float voltage instability caused by ground conditions can be minimized.


Conductive film using phosphonium thick gold-plated bronze material. Can be resistant to many of the plug can retain excellent flexibility and contact conductivity outer cover in particular the development of the aluminum material. Can reduce electromagnetic interference, and significantly reduce vibration interference.


Sound Features:
a. stable and wide and deep soundstage.
b. dynamic response and rapid extension of the high-frequency and delicate, easily get a complete sense of musical form.
c. the whole band instruments can clearly feel the texture, full-frequency clarity and full frequency moderate amount of sense, will give you a good hear music enjoyment.
d. high-purity single-crystal copper to make the sound performance of energy to do now, good and proper sound performance.

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