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DIVINI PT-X HiFi Pure Copper Power Cable Hi-End 7N OCC Power Cord 1.8M

  • 99.9999% OCC
  • Can clearly feel the texture
  • Stable, wide and deep soundstage
  • Easy to get a full sense of musical form


Cable Type: Power Cable
Conductor Material: 99.9999% OCC
Wire Diameter: 3.52sp * 2 + 5.93sq * 1
Structure: 3P Shielding Structure
Shield: Multi OFC Shielding
Outer Diameter: 17.0mm
Length: 1.8M


Sound Features

  • Stable and wide and deep soundstage.
  • Ultra-high density audio and swift and strong dynamic response, easy to get a full sense of musical form.
  • The whole band instruments can clearly feel the texture, especially for low dive and clear sense of low-frequency energy, will make you amazing
  • A large cross-sectional area of high-purity single-crystal copper so vibrant sound performance. immersive site

Conductive sheet material using phosphonium bronze palladium. Can withstand more than 10 million times plug can retain excellent flexibility and contact conductivity outer specially developed stainless steel and aluminum material cover. Can reduce electromagnetic interference, and significantly reduce vibration interference.


Woven Structure:
Mining shares 13 independent core structure. Each five shares 0.3mm twisted water pole FireWire cable core.
Plus consists of three strands twisted 0.6mm grounding wire core. Two were thick copper shield and 0.1mm OFC copper braid isolation of net. Waterline and FireWire diameter of 3.52MM square, ground for 5.93mm square.

Achieve a very low impedance state. Current can be quickly transported to maximize equipment.
Large cross-sectional area of grounding wire core power to make an excellent stability. You can float voltage instability caused by ground conditions can be minimized.


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