DIVINI TRANS 3/2 Multi-Wire Speaker Cable Hi-End 7N OCC Speaker Cable Pair

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  • 99.99999% OCC
  • Multi-Wire Speaker Cable
  • Shiny smooth tonem, sweet dynamic and fast
  • Stable, extremely wide, deep and clear sound field


Cable Type: Multi-Wire Speaker Cable
Conductor Material: 99.99999% OCC
Wire Diameter: 0.75sq * 4 + 1.0sq * 2
Structure: 3p * 2 Sturcture
Shield: No
Outer Diameter: 14.5mm
Length: 3 M


Woven Structure
Multi-core architecture. Each consists of two shares of the polar 0.15mm twisted wire core. In the structure of the combination of an 0.3mm plus twisted wire core made of, can achieve a very low sense of values. Clear and strong bass extension.
Each side of the square up to 2.5mm conductor area. Conduction current is very fast and complete. Copper palladium core special banana plugs. Both high conductivity and resistance to plug resistance, wire can ensure the best long-term condition.


Sound Features:

Stable, extremely wide, deep and clear sound field.

Accurate and complete audiovisual instruments physical sense. musical texture legible Music abnormal outstanding. Shiny smooth tonem, sweet dynamic and fast.


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