DIVINI UM-3 HiFi Cable High-Speed Transmission A-A/A-B USB Cable 6N PC-OFC Signal Cable

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  • Swift and strong dynamic response
  • Stable sound field, clear bass extension
  • High-frequency extension and clear texture

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Length: 1.2 m / 2 m
Material: 6N PC-OFC oxygen-free copper outer silver plated 3u

Plug: Gold-plated metal parts of the use of copper material with excellent elasticity and conductivity. Tail with one piece of rubber to encapsulate, can significantly reduce the vibration interference.

Conductor: UM3 using four independent cores share structure. 0.1mm shares were twisted by the two signal lines and the two share a core 0.1mm twisted cord constitute the core. There are two layers of shielding, respectively 0.1mm OFC copper foil and tinned prepared isolation network composition. UM3 conductive core increase of 24AWG, while the thick of 3u plated sterling silver (previously 1u) achieve very low frequency impedance makes the point, to maximize the rapid delivery to complete receiver. UM3 reduce the chances of multiple alignments decoding chip, and thus effectively improve the sound quality. UM3 increase the diameter of the core so that the stability of the power supply upgrade, you can reduce the signal voltage instability caused by floating status to a minimum.

Sound: a stable sound field, swift and strong dynamic response, the obvious physical sense instruments. Musical texture can express feelings, especially the high-frequency extension and clear texture, and clear bass extension.

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