DIVINI X-S2 HiFi RCA to RCA Audio Adapter Cable 7N OCC Balance Signal Cable 1M

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  • 99.9999% OCC
  • Multi OFC shielding
  • 3P Shielding structure
  • Stable, wide and deep soundstage


Cable Type: Interconnects Cable
Conductor Material: 99.9999% OCC
Wire Diameter: 1.24 sq x2 + 1.41sq x1
Structure: 3P Shielding structure
Shield: Multi OFC shielding
Outer Diameter: 7.6 mm
Length: 1 M


Woven Structure:
True balanced structure adopted by the two strands twisted signals 0.15mm wire core. Plus 0.3mm twisted by an earth wire core, constitute the true equilibrium structure. Two thick copper shield and 0.1mm respectively OFC copper braid isolation of net shielding effect of the highest standard.

Excellent large cross-sectional area of the ground wire to the stability of the core so that the signal voltage small signal transmission can be reduced to a minimum float


Sound Features:
Stable and wide and deep soundstage.
The whole band instruments can clearly feel the texture.
High-purity single-crystal copper luster makes sounds smooth. sweet and vibrant
 High-density audio and fast dynamic response of the instrument to get a complete physical sense.

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