Fanmusic 6P1 USB Decoder Tube Amplifier

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  • Six high-grade gold-plated RCA input terminals
  • Six high-grade gold-plated crystal output terminal
  • The overall materials used in the slightest ambiguity
  • Type A potentiometer with a dedicated audio potentiometer

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Chassis, cattle enclosures: sheet metal chassis is up to 4MM thick mold made of aluminum, the chassis of each hole are made of imported CNC lathe finishing each hole and then the guide side edge polished, nuanced; three Brushed aluminum cover cattle are cattle enclosures, cattle hood cover also 6MM thick, the overall materials used in the slightest ambiguity. 

8MM thick aluminum chassis panels, and then finishing by CNC milling machine, and then polished, brushed crow's feet, and finally re-anodized. 

machine layout is reasonable, balanced structure, symmetrical about; eight just very particular about the dislocation arrangement, reasonable, coordination, and feel comfortable; 

6pcs high-grade gold-plated RCA input terminals 

6pcs high-grade gold-plated crystal output terminal 

Two external inputs and one USB input, three-way switch source selection 

power supply cattle, cattle imported audio output special high-silicon steel sheet, layered between sub wound around the technology. 

signal coupling part of the German WIMA polypropylene coupling capacitors MKP red. 

Type A potentiometer with a dedicated audio potentiometer. 

Meanwhile, the machine set the USB decoding playback, so you have this machine, has not only been a taste of pure bile bile bile amplifier, and allows you to connect your computer directly through the USB interface, direct view APE lossless format, high quality music. 

Technical Parameters: 
Rated output power: 12W +12 W 

Frequency response: 20Hz - 25KHz 
Total harmonic distortion: <1% (1kHz) 
Input Sensitivity: 500mV - 2000mV 
Input Impedance: 100KΩ 
Output impedance: 4/8Ω 
SNR: 88dB 
Dimensions (W * D * H) = 260mm * 200mm * 140mm 
Net Weight: 6.8kg

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For the worldwide free shipping, may I know if this can be sent via DHL or FedEx.

2/5/17 3:38 AM Asked.

Hi,it is 25usd for DHL and Fedex.Thank you.

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is it confirm no hum or similar noise buzz or something ?

3/20/17 10:08 PM Asked.

Hi audio,please let us know more details.Thank you.

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