Fanmusic EL34 Veteran Tube Amplifier Hi-Fi Single Ended Tube Amplifier

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  • With high performance
  • Using the classic 6N8P and EL34
  • Simple, generous and noble beauty
  • Perfect combination of stainless steel and solid wood


Description :

  EL34 's overall appearance , simple and generous and noble beauty , the perfect combination of stainless steel and solid wood , either their own or listening to music fever JU gifts are very suitable enclosures in brushed stainless steel with 1MM , both strength and appearance are class , coupled with a high hardness wood finishing touch to the machine , so that the appearance of a distinctive high-end machine ! This machine is known throughout the old cow buffalo cow output , vacuum the living symbol of the perfect machine to ensure that the level of sound quality !

  Details determine success or failure , the perfect tube amp , from Ruiwo Si electronics, energy consumption from the people of this small tube amp , the Company purchases from each screw to fever capacitor test results are to undergo a rigorous screening , never 'm sloppy , the output is also the price of cattle feed tube amps using the most adequate one , the machine output bovine Japan Z11 annealed silicon steel , high- strength copper insulated wire of 0.35mm (some cheap tube amp using copper clad aluminum wire ) , in accordance with the requirements of fever STAGED hand wound ! Silicon steel sheet size 66 * 40 , use of materials , never dared sloppy !

Every detail of the machine, including the floor are rigorously CNC machine tools production, every crevice immaculate ! Both sides of the wood panels are used only on high-end machines golden wood , beautiful and practical sides of the line ! The mechanical and electrical circuit or how many years followed the classic 6N8P and push EL34, so this machine bile taste rich, full frequency , low frequency dive in place, the price of all machines can not match



  Output power : 10Wx2 ( standard connection ) 8W * 2 ( ultra-linear connection ) 5W * 2 ( triode connected )
  Frequency response : 20Hz-20KHz
  Output Impedance : 4Ω, 8Ω
  Total Harmonic Distortion : ≤ 1% (1kHz)
  Input impedance : 100KΩ
  Input Sensitivity : 1V
  SNR : 88dB
  Input voltage : 220V 50Hz
  Power transformer Power : 150W
  Dimensions (W × D × H ): 36 × 220 × 55 (mm) ( maximum height of about 165mm)
  Net weight : about 10 kg


A power line ,
New 5Z3P x1
New Dawn 6N8P x2
New Dawn small swallows EL34B x2
Audition test burn disc x2 ( one male, one female )

Tube amp cover :

Size : 330X205X130 (mm)

How to Installation:

Around the screw holes with a long-handled screwdriver to unscrew the screws around the machine and then put the cover button on the machine , so that the bottom of the cover of the machine around the screw holes aligned , the screws from the top cover with a long screwdriver , the first beginning of the first screw Do not tighten the screws into the screw holes are then eleven
on tight!

Customer Questions & Answers


It can work on USA 110v? It need preamp?

12/17/14 5:57 PM Asked.

It have 110V / 220V. can work on USA. It don't need Preamp. Thanks.  

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It can use In Japan cause 100V?

9/23/17 4:17 AM Asked.

Hi mochida,sorry,this item had stop product.You can choose other product.All of our product has 110V version.Thank you.

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