Fanmusic EL34B Single Ended Tube Amplifier Upgrade Edition

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  • The rational layout, structural balance symmetric
  • High-grade gold-plated RCA input signal terminal
  • High-grade gold-plated large crystal output terminal
  • Use Japanese original ALPS, a type audio for potentiometers



This elegant full frequency box supporting machine EL34B single ended upgrade edition machine is mainly carried out the following upgrades:

1, the machine signal input from the original single input upgrades for the three signal input, on the front panel increase corresponding to the input signal selection switch, the multiplexed signal input conversion more directly and convenient.

2, the output set to 0/4/8 in Europe at the same time the input terminal, the output connection corresponding to the speaker overlap more convenient,

3, machine four bull mask is used in aluminum wire drawing oxidation of bovine cover, high-grade level, texture better.

4, loom on the rectifier tube for large rectifier tube 5Z3P, rectifier current larger, better dynamic response.



Chassis: with 1.8MM thick plate by CNC punching one of stamping, the fine sand high temperature baking.

Cattle enclosures: four cattle enclosures are made of all aluminum wire drawing oxidation high-quality cattle enclosure.

Chassis panel thickness of 8MM aluminum alloy, and then by numerical control milling machine finishing, after polishing, fishtail lines drawing, then by anodic oxidation treatment.

The rational layout, structural balance symmetric; power / signal isolation part;

High-grade gold-plated RCA input signal terminal

High-grade gold-plated large crystal output terminal

Power supply of cattle, cattle imported audio output for high silicon steel sheets are wound between technology, layered and sectional winding.

Circuit all devices Dahongpao * * resistance, backing plate resistance by the United States Army Regulation DALE high-power carbon film resistor, final cathode using rare treasures of the United States 220 new original package RCD high power low noise resistance.

The power part adopts a fully shielded inductor on 8H/0.4A and Japanese original Black King Kong filter capacitor, so that the power supply is more pure, more static background.

Signal coupling part adopts the German WIMA red MKP polypropylene coupling capacitor.

Potentiometer used Japanese original ALPS, A type audio for potentiometers.


Technical Parameters:

Rated output power: 12W+12W

Frequency response: 20Hz--25KHz

Total harmonic distortion: < 1% ( 1kHz )

Input sensitivity: 500mV--2000mV

Input impedance: 100K Ω

Output impedance: 4/8 Ω

Signal to noise ratio: 88dB

Size ( width * height * Deep ) =430mm*200mm*280mm

Net weight: 17kg

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