Fanmusic MTS-623 5670 Tube Amplifier + Pre-Amplifier Upgrade Version

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  • Be reflected in the large dynamic of the head
  • Thick and powerful high-frequency band and sweet
  • Signals are used by the U.S. military DALE some resistance
  • Resistance equipment in domestic and international high fever



UK Matisse Fantasy Line Stage ago after years of research and development level is Matisse after culmination, tube preamp since its inception to its Zhuo without any design, pure and transparent sound quality really spotless known, and a world-class reference crew.
The bile is used before the famous Horseshoe Adams original principle of the circuit, again in the layout made the appropriate adjustments, through strict respect for the principle of single point grounding of the wiring in the device selection on a lot of thought, not only broadens the frequency response and bass extension and better sound mellow and delicate, bile taste very strong, one hundred and tire.
  For the previous version of the circuit on the PCB board has been redesigned, more symmetrical left and right channels, coordination, strict respect through a single point ground, signal traces shortest possible, to effectively improve the whole signal to noise ratio.

 The choice of the device is at the cost of:


Resistance devices:

 Signals are used by the U.S. military DALE some resistance.

 This resistance equipment in domestic and international high fever could be seen, the resistance of high precision, accurate sound field positioning, mellow thick. 1% of the power supply to power the high-precision metal film resistors, resistor precision ceramic body was carried to the base coating, the resistance is not only a very low noise figure, even taking into account the excellent sound quality.

Capacitor parts:

 Signal part of the four leads are used with high-purity oxygen-free copper of 99.99% of the U.S. ERSE pitched audio-specific coupling capacitor, some details were to be lossless signal transmission, transparent sound of her clear, crisp sound at the end, the level is good, high frequency soft, delicate, rounded, highly penetrating, low compact, the overall bias HIFI nature, fresh, elegant feel.
   Decoupling capacitors with a very old German WIMA capacitors brand, has long been in the burn world that no one I do not know the high quality sound neutral, it can be said in the full range of transparency, sound field depth layering, sound texture, IF the amount of information , detail of the high and low ends of the resolving power, tone is neutral, but the kind touch of sweet, crisp, reminiscent of the little girl's laughter. He heard the female voice with a very nice crisp.

 On the power supply filter circuit using two capacitors 220U/450V Japanese King Kong, the power filter is more stable, more pure sound.

Stepping using the Japanese original Japanese TOCOS 100K double potentiometer, potentiometer so well balanced, good contact.

Seat tube:
This version of the seat tube with a high degree of moisture-type gold-plated ceramic tube seat, maintaining a high degree of continuity with the tube, increasing the sound texture, be reflected in the large dynamic of the head.


   The pre-selection of the United States 5670 tube tube, sounds sweet, low noise performance and stability, straight on behalf of the domestic 6N3, results improved significantly! Most suitable for mini tube amp preamp tube.

    Audio Forum 158, there is an article on pre-5670 article, titled "US-5670 high amp", the text and provide design information and details of the orthogonal lines, and called the low-frequency sound, thick and powerful high-frequency band, sweet, people are yearning for.

    5670 for the U.S. military regulations the number of products, the normal number of commercial 2C51, WE have a similar tube, known as the WE396, the Soviet Union control number 6H3n (6H3pi) ... This pipe features such as forums to talk about sound, the low frequency full, with a very strong taste of bile, so some fans are fascinated.

Power Adapter:

 Cattle using the power transformer factory specializing in customized the old copper wire wound fully shielded EI transformers, power enough, heat is very low, the complete elimination of the interference power to the entire circuit, so that sound more Blanchir, pure.

 The unique chassis design: the overall all-aluminum chassis, timber, and then by drawing oxidation complex crow's feet, front panel with a 6MM thick aluminum panel, two United States imported 5670, with box built-in installation form, before the top two open oval window, and then embedded into two perfect semi-permeable dumb cracker plate, through the European-style windows, the kind of bile, bile sense of taste embodied in the head, in particular, becomes more night its charm.

  Box with a very reasonable thermal design: the two power tubes and finishing cattle, respectively, above the two dense heat strip windows, installed in the cabinet bottom side of the power supply cattle also opened a window corresponding to the heat, convection heat, more reasonable,

 After the panel box with a custom-made gold-plated input closed, output RCA Block, Green Power / insurance / triple power seat switch, and set the 110V/220V power switch, the former level in 110V and 220V voltage The following can be used.
 The overall design simple, generous, decent. Exactly like the cute pig also highlight its unique personality, both in the sense of hearing is still on view on a kind of beautiful to enjoy.

 Technical Parameters:
Input sensitivity (Input sensitivity): 150mv
The output voltage (Voltage output): 1.8V (RMS THD <0.03%)
Signal to noise ratio (S / N Ratio): 94DB
Frequency Response (Frequency Response): 10Hz-50KHz (-0.5DB)
The input impedance (Input Impedance): 250Kohm
The output impedance (Output Impedance): 600ohm
The input voltage (AC Input): 110V/220V (switchable)
Total power consumption (Power Consumption): 15W
Size (Dimension): 260 * 130 * 110 (mm) (WDH)
Weight (Net Weight): 2.8KG

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