FORREST (TM) FLC8 Hybrid Sound Adjustable In-Ear Headphones / Earphones

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  • Latest generation of its Forrest
  • Can change lines, comfortable to wear
  • FLC8 targeted at high-sensitivity low resistance
  • Provide a more stable, more professional sound


Forrest is a commitment to the development of China's high-end headphones headset brand, from 2011 onwards exit ring iron mixed products, is one of the earliest exit ring iron mixed brand, we continue to improve, walking in the cutting edge of technology, in HIFI fever Meanwhile the field has a certain reputation in the professional field there are more achievements in the ring iron headphones we have been in a leading position, perennial tuning accumulated experience makes us on the development and production of hybrid speaker has a lot of technical precipitation. And our first non-customized products FLC8, Forrest is a circle Sri Lanka's iron mixed speaker ear headphones, earphones can change lines, independent custom tones, comfortable to wear. Headset has 36 sound modes, according to personal need to read an ultra-low frequency, low, medium and high frequency adjustment, is the only one who adjustable tri-band headphones.

Forrest Sound Technology iron ring after two generations of earplugs sold the former Accumulate develop better sound quality, greater potential for higher playability latest generation of its flagship non-customized ring iron earplugs --FLC 8,36 different tuning program mix and match any of your own, extensive tuning links and accessories tend to be more mature and perfect workmanship, absolutely awesome service, Forrest worthy of the trust and support of our customers!

As the first research and development circles iron earplugs domestic manufacturers, Forrest adhere to independent research and development, adhere to bold innovation, adhere to safeguard the interests of consumers, in professional circles Shaoyou leave a very good reputation. The latest design to bring new FLC 8 laps of iron, the most abundant tuning market, let Shaoyou fully play a "tuning I call the shots," the private custom, can be described in good faith.

Holes, capping, catheters, can change lines, all kinds of sleeves, adjust these links can bring a different sound to FLC8 official joint distribution of tuning can provide 36 kinds of tuning program, or for fever vocals, or both metal rock, or to show a large dynamic scenes, or pure sounds of nature pure tone. FLC8 able to satisfy the most demanding users of all listening orientation, play rich wide adaptation, a multi-purpose plug is no longer a dream.

FLC8 targeted at high-sensitivity low resistance, regardless of your party or country phone hifi brick Taiwan machine party, FLC8 can adapt. Around the ear wearing style provides a more stable, more professional, and no effect of wearing a stethoscope, precision molds, multi painting process to get your ear at the same time more durable delicate-looking. Forrest Adams for you to consider all aspects, you are using is the most attentive service.

Sensitivity: 107dB / mW, @ 1000Hz
Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz
Drive unit: 8.6mm moving-coil unit * 1, * 2 iron unit
Impedance: 11 ohms
Cable length: 1.2M
Plug Type: 3.5 stereo plug, curved plug
Wearing styles: ear hook ear
Warranty: 1 year

FLC8 unit * 1
Tweezers * 1
Leather bag * 1
Cleaning rod * 1
6.35 3.5 adapter * 1
Silicone ear hook * 1
Tuning accessories box * 1
Tuning catheter * 8 (4 groups)
Aviation headset adapter plug * 1
Silicone earmuffs * 3 (S / M / Leach size of one pair)
Ultra-low tuning plug* 9 (3 groups, 1 group of three)
Low frequency tuning plug * 9 (3 groups, 1 group of three)

Tuning Description:
1. Because tuning accessories is relatively small, easily lost, please find a clean table when tuning, so tuning is not easy to find the plug fall
2. Please dial tuning tuning tweezers grip plug when the plug gently aside from
3. Please mixer fitted plug is aligned with forceps tuning tuning plug hole and then finger pressed into the can after

Instructions for line
Headphone jack and headphone cable pins are tight fit design, the design was intended to replace it with a headphone cable to extend the life of the headset after bad, so is not suitable for frequent headphone jack plug, original headset is four core single-crystal copper wire, under normal circumstances we do not recommend against the headphone cable upgrades, such as the need to change the line, while pulling the headphone cable clenched his left thumb and index finger headset, right thumb and index finger Jinnie headset cord, right hand to pull the plug gently up and down while twisting to allow the pin to withdraw slowly, remember to use the headphone cable directly to vigorously pull out, in addition, the use of only 0.75 this socket pins, the pins as a result of improper use or improper pull wire method headphone jack or damage caused, the Division without warranty, please understand.

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