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Goldenwave GD-01 Fully Balanced DAC Supports DSD Decoder Headphone Amplifier

  • Support for 192K, DSD, ASIO
  • Supports 192K, DSD decoder
  • High current low resistance head amp
  • Decoder chip with the same sapphire AK4390

1.XMOS USB digital interface, support for 192K, DSD, ASIO, the digital interface section can be used independently.
2 supports 192K, DSD decoder, decoder chip with the same sapphire AK4390, decoding part can be used independently.
3 fully balanced, 4-channel amplification check points, high current low resistance headphone amplifier.
4 the volume control unit, a digital control LCD like GA-09
5 Size: about 27 * 20 * 5 cm
6. Weight: 4KG

1. support DSD's XMOS USB interface, we used to order low phase noise, low jitter crystal oscillator, and assisted in the ultra low noise power supply circuit.
2.32bit/192K architecture, by optimizing the support DSD D / A, the D / A chip is AK4390, 3.GD-01 decoder can play DSD64 of 32bit/192khz decoder architecture
4.Use the volume control unit is a fully balanced headphone amplifier, balanced architecture, expensive dedicated drive use, fully independent four-way drive unit

Front panel: from left to right
LCD: display input channels, sample rate, and other information
INPUT: Digital signal input selection keys
VOLUME: volume control buttons
HEADPHONE: headphone jack 6.35 * 1,4 * 1 core canon

Back: left to right
ANALOG OUTPUT: decoding the audio output terminal area
L: Left channel output
R: Right channel output
RCA: single-ended output
XLR: balanced output
DIGITAL INPUT: Digital signal input terminal area
AES / EBU input
USB: USB input (B port)
OPT: optical input (port side)
COAX: Coaxial Input
DIGI OUT: digital coaxial output interface (digital interface independent use)
Power switch, power cord socket

GD-01 unit * 1
USB cable * 1
Power cord * 1
Warranty Card * 1


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Jun 4, 2018 10:58:09 PM
Hi friends, do you have available this unit with AC power supply (120V) to function in the USA? Thanks
Aug 28, 2016 11:44:26 PM
Hi, does the product support 120v voltage in the US? 请问产品提供支持美国标准的120v电压吗?
Aug 28, 2016 11:44:26 PM
Hi Pinyao,It have 120V in the US.这个产品提供支持美国标准的120v电压。
Please contact if any question.

Best Regards

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