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GUSTARD DAC-X8 24Bit / 192KHz Soft Control Double Parallel AD1955 DAC USB Asynchronous Decoder

  • With high performance
  • Easy to use and durable
  • DAC-X8 deliberately introduced amp version
  • DAC-X8 comes with USB support 24bit 192Khz

In the DAC-X9 mature architecture based on, after more than a year, several times the number of tests and combined feedback friends who love music finally meet with you. Brothers should request, X8 deliberately introduced amp version.
DAC-X8 comes with USB support 24bit 192Khz, with USB connection PC, digital card more than save money, and the effect is steel steel.

DAC-X8 soft control and AD1955 dual interface support full 24bit 192khz
USB driver download link DAC-X8: http:? //pan.baidu.com/share/link Shareid = 191659 & uk = 1241891835


Input: Coaxial USB optical fiber
Output: RCA (single-ended) output
          6.5 headphone jack (only amp version)
Power: 115V / 230V
Machine size: 190 * 70 * 270 (MM)
Chassis Material: Aluminum
Surface Technology: Drawing oxidation
Machine color: black
Marking process: laser, never fade


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