GUSTARD H10 High-Current Discrete Class A HiFi Stereo Headphone Amplifier

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  • Effectively reducing the left and right channel crosstalk
  • Easily drive a variety of different impedance headphones
  • A high-current discrete Class A output stage headphone amplifiers
  • Rigorous design, reasonable layout, elegant lines and solid materials


1.AC115V/230V international voltage input.
2.Rigorous design, reasonable layout, elegant lines, solid materials.
3.Aluminum chassis, before grinding Shahoulasi processes, machines all black.
4.RCA single-ended and balanced XLR inputs, input switching and gain adjustment.
5.Start-up delay, DC offset, overload, protection circuitry to ensure the safe use of the machine.
6 tri-band balanced sound correctly, the output resistance low current, suitable for most headphone mix.
7.Adjust the volume potentiometer placed at the back of the input stage, effectively shortening the audio channel path, reducing
8.Using two 25W seal ring cattle, independent power between left and right channels, effectively reducing the left and right
channel crosstalk.
9.H10 is a high-current discrete Class A output stage headphone amplifiers, each channel consists of two independent
amplification circuit, has RCA inputs, balanced input, you can easily connect a variety of sources.
10.Machine using a buffer amplifier plus pre-amplification stage main components. Buffer preamp gain adjustment function with
four segments, with the four pairs of audio power output circuit tubes on the CPI, you can easily drive a variety of different
impedance headphones.


Signal Input: 2x XLR female, balance
2x RCA, unbalanced
Maximum input level: +21 dBu, impedance 10kΩ
Input impedance: XLR: 10kΩ, RCA: 68kΩ
Input Sensitivity: +6 dBu
Main amplifier gain: +8 dB
Main amplifier gain adjustment range: -4 / +2 / +8 / +14 / +20 dB
Frequency response: 0-55kHz (-0.5dB)
Damping Factor:> 400 @ 50Ω
Dynamic range:> 128dB (A-weighted)
Background noise: <-100dBu (A-weighted)
THD + N (1kHz 1W @ 100Ω): <0.00035%
THD + N (1kHz 0.5W @ 32Ω): <0.0007%
Crosstalk:-110db (1kHz)
Headphone Output: 1x 6.35mm TRS Jack
Power supply voltage: 230V AC/115 AC; 50/60Hz
Power consumption: ≤ 20VA
Machine Standard: GB a three-prong power cord
Machine size (not included prominent part): 27.3 * 19 * 7 (cm)
Package dimensions: 38.5 * 28 * 15 (cm)
Net Weight: 3.3KG,
Grross Weight: 4KG

Customer Questions & Answers

Jess Hauser
Jess Hauser

Hello,    Can I return the amp if I don't like it?  Also, from where do you ship? (I am in New York City).    Thank you,    Jess Hauser

4/12/16 10:04 AM Asked.

Hi Jess,If there is a quality problem can return within 30 days.We offer one year warranty.We ship from Shenzhen China.It will take 3-8 days to US.Thank you.

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I'd like to know the fuse type of Gustard H10.  Thank you very much.

7/13/16 10:57 PM Asked.

Hi OH JOO KWON, It can use a fuse of the ordinary.250 v, the current, slow melt 0.4 A, fast melting 1 AI had sent the picture to your email,please check it.Thank you.

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Hi Can I connect my CD player to this amp.

5/12/17 4:27 AM Asked.

Hi Bay,if your cd player has Analog output,it can work with H10.Thank you.

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How can I get the user's manual for the Gustard H10?

5/19/17 11:23 PM Asked.

Hi mas,H10 have no manual.Thank you.

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How do I connect my Fiio X5v.3 to the Gustard? What connection cable do I need? 2 male rca to one 3.5 male? Will this produce good sound since the Fiio had onboard dac as well? Any advantage in using the digital out on the Fiio?

5/28/17 1:46 PM Asked.

Hi rick,useing 3.5mm turn RCA transformation line RCA male head.If use fiio digital output, you can buy x20pro.Thank you.

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Hi. I bought the gustard H10. What does DIP switch #1 represent?

6/20/17 3:57 PM Asked.

Hi Will,RAC or XLR select.Thank you.

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Hello,  I have a Gustard H10 and I want to use it with my hi-fi preamplifier.  I want to modified the gustard to make it as an power amplifier without preamplifier.  Do you have any diagram, because with the CMS it hard to understand, and I don't know where I can solder my input to shunt the preamplifier.    Regards,

6/21/17 12:24 PM Asked.

Hi Franck,the factory doesn't provide diagram.Thank you.

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Hi,    When do you expect H10 to be back in stock?    Thank you,  seb

12/5/17 5:03 PM Asked.

Hi,It had stop product,please choose other item.Thank you.

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do oyu ship to germany?

2/20/19 3:38 PM Asked.

Hi Stefan,This product has stopped production. May be you can have a look at Gustard H20. Thank you!

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