Mistral HP-509 USB Sound Card Tube Headphone Amplifier + Pre-Amplifier

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  • Tube-frame (plexiglass) removable
  • optionally use this amp a clean tube amplifier
  • Allow analog and tube-like playback from your PC
  • A real high end tube head-amp from the house Mistral


mistral HP-509 Head-AMP USB Sound card Tube Amplifier & PreAmp & tube AMPLIFIER


ID: HP-509

Title: Headphone Amplifier

Spec: HP-509

BigClassName: Amplifiers

Headphone Amplifier;USB Soundcard;Pre-amplifier

Output Power: 500mW x2 @100©

Input Sensivity: 750mV

Frequency Response: 15Hz~25kHz

S/N: 88 dB

Input: RCAx1, USBx1

Output: RCAx1, 6.5 Jack x1

D/A: BurnBrown PCM2702

Offered here is a real high end tube headphone amplifier from the house Mistral
You can also optionally use this amp a clean tube amplifier because it has a pre-out output.
Furthermore, the Mistral ampas one of the very few, even a USB port that allows the analog and tube-likeplayback from your PC.

-Brushed stainless steel front
High levels of NF-input (RCA) or USB selectable via toggle switch
Tube-frame (plexiglass) removable
Weight 3.5 KG
USB cable

Power 500mW x 2 @ 100 ohm load
THD<0.1@ 100 ohms at 1kHz, 300mW
Input Sens. 750 mV
Signal to Noise Ratio 88dB
Tubes: 6N2
Dimensions17 cm width, 23 cm depth, 13cm height

Customer Questions & Answers


any issues that you would expect converting this to use a 6922EH (i like the sound of the 6922 better)

6/23/14 11:41 AM Asked.

Hi, not yet before today.

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