SMSL M9 AK4490 32bit/768kHz DSD512 HiFi DAC Decoder+Balance Headphone Amplifier

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  • High-performance decoder reference level.
  • Input contains the USB/fiber/coaxial
  • Output contains the output balance of 2.5 mm/6.35mm headphone/RCA simulation.
  • Sampling rate PCM support to 768KHZ,DSD512 hard.





M9 HIFI user oriented reference level of high-performance decoder,rich digital input interface: USB/fiber/coaxial, external power adapter 5 v external interference,reduce the circuit straight back with balance circuit output (mm) and 6.35 2.5 (mm) headphones mouth two choices,bring out the best in each other.

RCA output carefully designed to switch in the menu:fixed output level or the output mode.

USB digital interface,adopted the advanced XMOS asynchronous processing module,PCM and DSD can transmit the high music file format,especially the Windows operating system,using an ASIO Native drivers, can support DSD512 bit(1/M)decoding,with real DSD data stream sent to the D/A chip,decoding,MAC system free driver,output can be set to 32bit/768 KHZ,plug and play.

Is particularly pointed out that XMOS processing module through tieline,can receive from mobile phones and the digital signal,realizes the PCM and DSD hd decoding.Apple system using 20 to USB Camera Adapter line,the android system USES OTG line.

2 slices decoding chip adopted AKM company high-end AK4490,its excellent performance and with floating point arithmetic of digital filter and rich options,more for the professional equipment use.
Optical fiber and coaxial input support to 192 KHZ,excellent decoding part to ensure the high-fidelity sound,convenient external with digital signal output of a CD player or rotary table.

Power supply part of the inheritance of traditional HIFI equipment,audio use special electrolytic capacitor,we in the tuning process,in a fever of different capacitance,finally chose the capacitance,guarantee the musicality.

Headphone output part adopts 2 slices TPA6120,8-600 headset can deal with,have the balance (2.5 mm)
And the balance(6.35mm)two output modes.

Use the imported high-precision clock circuit,special high precision regulated power supply,time base error,DAC part distortion to 0.0004%,so the decoded signal balance three sections of high resolving power,accurate positioning and density,dynamic,sound field well,simulate the flavour is dye-in-the-wood,string,symphony,rock,classical,pop,etc all kinds of music are very appropriate,both the depth of the bass diving,elastic,and intermediate frequency of charming,sweet and high-frequency exquisite and elegant.

It is recommended to use the playback software:
MAC:Audirvana plus
Apple mobile phone and the device:HF player
The android mobile phone and PAD:seashells player

Low design architecture:
DAC AK4490 x 2
EVOL PGA2311 x 2
HPA TPA6120A2 x 2
OPA OPA1612 x 5
Low sampling rate of PCM support to 768 KHZ,DSD512 hard solution;
Low support native DSD decoding;
DAC use two pieces of AK4490,HIFI fidelity and full balance;
Low output part adopts two Texas Instruments company's senior headphone amplifier IC TPA6120A2;
Built-in frequency asynchronous rise,eliminate clock jitter;
Design is 2.5 mm equilibrium output,convenient to balance the earplugs,can through tieline pick four core card nong balance headphones;
Low audio part use 2 of the low phase noise crystal vibration;
Low and high precision CNC aluminium shell!


Model: M9
Output interface:balance of 2.5 mm/6.35 headset/RCA simulation
The input interface:USB/Optical/Coaxial
Dynamic range:115 dB
DAC SNR:110 dB
Amp SNR:105 dB
Channel separating degree:110 dB
DAC THD+N:0.0004%
Ear put THD+N:0.001%
Decoding IC:AK4490EQx2
Digital receiving IC:CS8422
Op-amp IC:OPA1612x5
IC:amp TPA6120x2
Power amp(@0.1% THD+N):32Ω 108mW
64Ω 104mW
150Ω 86mW
300Ω 57mW
USB transmission mode: asynchronous
USB compatibility:Windows 7/8/8.1/10;Mac OSX10.6 above
Support OTG
USB solution:XMOS xCORE200
USB bit depth (bit):16-32
USB: DSD sampling rate:DSD512
USB: PCM sampling rate:44.1-768 KHZ
Optical,coaxial sampling rate:44.1-192 KHZ
The power supply voltage: 5 v
RCA output level:2 Vrms
Power consumption:5 W
Standby power:0.1W




USB cable

Power supply

Customer Questions & Answers


Will you have temporary review units? I have the VA2 + M8 + P1 stack and am curious on how the DAC capabilty of the M9 would compare to the single ES9018 on the M8.  Currently I use the stack with the Sennheiser HD 800 S and Sony MDR-Z1R.

10/12/16 7:56 AM Asked.

Hi Nuno,the smsl factory can't provide M9 review unit.The M9 is new product.And it will ship on 31th October.Thank you.

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Can I use SMSL P1 linear power supply with this unit?

11/15/16 8:47 AM Asked.

Hi Bosco,P1 can't use with M9.M9 current minimum 2A, M9 can use 2A output of charger.P1 current is 800mA.Thank you.

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Hi,    Tell me please how HD 800 will sound with SMSL M9.    All the best

11/16/16 4:55 PM Asked.

Hi Dragos,HD 800 with SMSL M9 is sound great!.Thank you.

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I cannot install the asio driver

11/23/16 1:02 AM Asked.

Hi Rene,We had sent email to you.Please check it.Thank you.

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Hi, could you please tell me can m9 handle 300Ω headphones such as hd650, I see the output power is only 57mw at this level. And how it will sound comparing to panda stack? Thanks.

11/29/16 10:49 PM Asked.

Hi Zeren,m9 can handle 300Ω headphones such as hd650.Thank you.

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I am planning to have one of the following combos. Would the second option be better or the pre-amp is overkill?    1. PC > M9 > M-Audio BX5 Speakers / Sennheiser HD650 Headphones    2. PC > M9 > Little Dot MK3 pre-amp > M-Audio BX5 Speakers / Sennheiser HD650 Headphones    

12/27/16 5:38 PM Asked.

Hi Orkum,the second option is better.Thank you.

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Hello, how does it sound compared to the SMSL M6? Does the difference much and can one hear it? Thank you.  And (if possible) could you compare the sound to Creative Sound Blaster ZXR? Thank you very much.

1/27/17 3:08 PM Asked.

Hi Victor,M9 is better than M6.the factory hadn't test Creative Sound Blaster ZXR.Thank you.

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I also can't make the drivers work.

2/10/17 2:29 PM Asked.

Hi Michael,    Please download from    Thank you.

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Phil mawton
Phil mawton

Hi  Does this have the 4390 or 4490 chip? Title says 4390 and description says 4490

2/19/17 2:29 AM Asked.

Hi Phil ,    M9 with 4490 chip.  Thank you.

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Phil mawton
Phil mawton

Hi could you use the p1 linear power supply with this?

2/19/17 2:32 AM Asked.

Hi Phil,It can't.Because M9 need 2A electricity.But the P1 just 800mA.Thank you.

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