TCG U-SKIN Portable USB Decoder Headphone Amplifier

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  • Very strong sense of hierarchy
  • Official statement said 40 hours of battery life
  • Mainstream fashion appearance, easy to carry
  • Design of the popular tune and sound mellow song




Technical Parameters:

Appearance: aluminum alloy shell, stretch marks, surface treatment, noble and generous.
Audio program: BB PCM2704 (USB DAC) / OPA2134 (LINE OUT) / MAX9722 (AMP)
Battery: BL-5C (1000mA)
Charging port: Mini USB
Charging time :2-2 .5 H (with charging protection)
Life time: 40H
Input: the 3.5MM analog input and the input of PC-USB (16BIT/48KHZ)
Amp power: 32Ω/130mW +130 mW
Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥ 92dB (A-weighted)
Distortion: 0.0012% (10mW)
Frequency response: 25Hz-50KHz
Headphone Adapter impedance Europe :16-300
Size: 85 * 58.6 * 9.54mm
Weight: host about 80g (including battery)


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1. Audio solutions use BB PCM2704 ( USB DAC ) /OPA2134 ( LINE OUT ) /MAX9722 ( 130mW+130mW AMP ) building, with its excellent industrial design, thin thickness within the control of 9.54mm ( and iphone4s be roughly the same ), becoming the most thin decoding amp integrated machine in the market. The design of the popular tune, sound mellow song. The mainstream fashion appearance, easy to carry, is that the young generation is necessary headset HIFI game player peripheral products.

2.U-SKIN amp and decoding mode conversion using the relay the amp when listening to music ,while using USB decoding to listen songs , unplug the INPUT audio cable, the relay will automatically to go  to listen to the sound of the computer inside player and music using the USB DAC.

3.decoding part of the chip module equipped with PCM2704 OPA2134, PCM2704 support 16BIT/48KHZ see the value of just a standard value, but this decoder chip is very mature, very stable work, recognition speed quickly. USB digital signal can be accurately decoded analog signal output using the classic op-amp chip 2134, the popularity of the chip believe many enthusiasts have heard, Features is warm sound, Naiting and detail is extremely rich. 2134 also served as a preamp, amp part is enlarged by 9722. 9722 is a professional amplifier chip, full thrust, tie circuit optimization can achieve 130mW 130mW of output power, so deal with 16-300 ohm headphones also easier, although the force, but the sound engineers carefully debugging under extremely delicate, very strong sense of hierarchy.

4.official statement said 40 hours of battery life, go shopping trust enough to use. The charge is 2 hours can be filled with, very fast, built-in intelligent charging protection chip, prevent overcharge or not full. The charging of STATE lights, STATE lights charged.


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