TOPPING PA3 Desktop HiFi Analog Digital Amplifier

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  • Two-way analog inputs.
  • PA3 has over load, over heat, over voltage and low voltage protection.
  • Output power can reach to 80W *2
  • PA3 signal link uses Hifi devices: ALPS potentiometer, EPCOS capacitance, Omron relay.
  • PA3 uses the MCU+TDA7498E project.

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    Analog input: 2 * RCA (L + R) 
    Amplifier output: banana socket, BTL output
    Recommended impedance load range: 4-8Ω
    Maximum output power: 80W * 2 (4Ω); 70W * 2 (8Ω)
    Typical Distortion (@ 1kHz): 0.04%
    Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
    Input sensitivity: 0.6Vrms (4Ω); 0.9Vrms (8Ω)
    Noise (A weight): <0.5mV
    Gain: 29.3dB
    Signal to noise ratio: 89dB (4Ω); 91dB (8Ω)

    PA3 * 1
    Power adapter * 1
    Power cord * 1
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    Warranty Card * 1

    Customer Questions & Answers


    Does this new amplifier sound like the Topping TP22 ?

    6/9/17 5:54 AM Asked.

    Hi Cypher,yes,but the TOPPING PA3 is the better,it has more powerful.Thank you.

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    I have a pair of Q Acoustic 3010 with Polk Audio PSW110 Subwoofer does it sound good enough using Topping PA3  for small room ??  Can I connect powered subwoofer to The Topping PA3 ? How ??

    6/27/17 4:41 PM Asked.

    Hi Daniel,you can connect the PA3's banana socket.

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    What is the Power-up-state, when i turn on the Mains?

    9/27/17 8:51 AM Asked.

    Hi Alex,we don't know your meaning.Please let us know more details.Thank you.

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    How does this compare with SMSL SA-98E? They both use the same TDA7498E but the SMSL is rated for 160w x2 while this is only rated at 80w x2? Is that due to the 10% THD of the SMSL?    Which would be better for 150w 6Ohm floor standing speakers or are they the same?

    12/7/17 6:53 PM Asked.

    Hi Gavin,    SMSL SA-98E and PA3 both are 80w x2.  This same.    Thank you,

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