Yulong U200 USB WiFi DSD 32Bit/384KHz DAC Decoder + Headphone Amplifier

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  • AK4495 high-quality decoding
  • Can play music files on your phone / tablet
  • Can play music of NAS and online media server resources
  • USB decoding support up to 32bit / 384KHz of PCM and DSD formats


P.S.:U200 DAC don't have WiFi function without combination U200 WiFi Module.

YuLong U200 WiFi digital interface, supports 32/384 DSD source output, support iPhone, Android phones, tablet PCs, NAS, network media servers. Can be used with U200 decoder uses.




Work as a network player when the optional WiFi module is installed. In this configuration, it can:
Play the music files stored in your phone/tablet, and turn it into a high resolution digital player.
Play the music resources stored in Network Attached Storage (NAS) or network media server.
Supports PCM formats up to 32Bit/384KHz and DSD in network player mode.
USB input supports PCM formats up to 32Bit/384KHz and DSD.
Ultra-low phase noise clock.
Flagship DAC chip AKM4495 which was designed with sound impression in mind.
Class-A headphone amplifier.
Integrated AC power supply which ensures effortless, full-sized energy in a small footprint.
USB as the only digital input interface which omitted unnecessary digital inputs, ensures high Cost/Price ratio.
Analogue input enables U200 as a headphone amplifier.




U200 is a high C/P ratio USB DAC and headphone amplifier which is designed for mobile device and computer users. It supports PCM formats up to 32Bit/384KHz and DSD.
By integrating a strong AC power supply under its tiny enclosure,U200 provides driving power same as the full sized equipment while maintains portability.
When working together with the optional WiFi module, the U200 is turned to a network player with easy operation and exceptional audio quality.
In close cooperation and development with Saviaudio, U200 utilizes their high quality SA9227 for its USB audio interface solution. Together with Sophisticated circuit design and customized ul-tra-low phase noise clock, excellent results are now available through USB transmission.
AKM 4495, the flagship DAC chip of the Premium Audio series from AKM is playing in the core of decoding. It may not have the best measurement performance, however its design pays attention to the Hi-Fi philosophy, such as Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) lead outs and internal hook ups and filters optimized for actual listening experience rather than measurement. Such details distinguish this chip from other solutions, which are mostly optimized for measurement performance, and make it a DAC chip with music sense in its nature.
The power supply in U200 is AC internal regulation which is a step up from the external DC supply on its predecessor U100, and provides an optimized distribution for the DAC and the headphone amplifier, and results in a full output scale comparable to full sized system.
The headphone amplifier is fully discrete, class-A construction and paired with a dedicated ana-logue input, so the U200 can be used as a pure headphone amplifier if desired.
As all products created by YuLong, our acoustic team has spent enough time to fine tune the sound, by long term audition with substantial amount of popular audio equipment, with AKM4495’s musical nature in mind. U200 is an all-around, rich and full, very musical DAC with exceptional driving power in its class, and it can drive most popular dynamic headphones with satisfied result.
It packs full-sized capability under a small footprint, it is highly mobility while flexible for different applications, providing excellent user experience.
WiFi playback: Smart phones and tablets based on iOS or Android platform can install the free APP, and then it can play music stored either on the phone/tablet, or NAS and media server. All these applications support up to 32Bit/384KHz and DSD format.



USB DAC application
Driver is required for Windows operating system. Please download the driver from
Please disable AntiVirus software during the installation when needed.
After installing the driver, connect the U200 to your computer with USB interface, hook up the power cable and switch the power on, then choose U200 as the output device in your music play back software, and you can now enjoy the brand new music experience brought by the U200.
To ensure the U200 is properly recognized by computer, please connect it with USB before the power is turned on.
For better result please use ASIO, Kernel Streaming or WASAPI outputs. Please refer to your playback software for these settings.
Please set your playback software to SACD or DSD mode when playing these formats. The DSD indication light on the U200 will be turned on when decoding DSD signal.

1.    Power switch
2.    Power indicator
3.    Playing indicator
4.    DSD playing indicator
5.    Headphone plug. !!WARNING!! Please turn the volume to minimum before plug in your headphone/earphone. Excess sound pressure will permanently damage your hearing!We are not responsible for such damage!
6.    Volume control
7.    Line out for connecting amplifier or active speakers.
8.    Line in for analogue inputs
9.    Line in or digital in selection
10.    USB input
11.    WiFi module power supply. !!Warning!! Please do not plug an external power supply to this terminal, otherwise it could damagethe U200.We are not responsible for such damage nor honor the warranty.
12.    AC power input. !!Warning!! Please check the proper voltage is selected for your local standard. Incorrect selection may cause permanent damage to U200. We are not responsible for such damage nor honor the warranty.



Recommendations for better user experience

U200 performs better when warmed up. We suggest giving it at least 15 minutes before lis-tening. Due to the class-A amplification it is normal to feel warm on its housing. Please en-sure good air ventilation around the working U200 to avoid overheating.
To ensure the best possible audio quality, please use high quality USB cable such as YuLong CU2. Avoid USB hub or extension such as USB ports in the front of a desktop or in a monitor.
AC mains power shall be well grounded. Poor grounding will cause safety hazard, and causing noise and ground loop between U200, computer and peripherals.


WiFi module instructions

WiFi module must be connected to the USB port and WiFi power supply portprior of turning on U200. After power on, WiFi module will initialize.
Go to WiFi setting in your phone or tablet, search for WiFi device named YULONG Audio, connect it, open your music playback software and choose YULONG Audio as default output/rendering device, and now you can enjoy music played back from U200.
AirPlay is recommended for iOS and BubbleUPnP is recommended for Android system. Of course you can choose your favorite playback software, as long as it can define the output device.
It might be more convenience when you add the WiFi module in your local network
iOS user can search the APP named YULONG Audio, while Android user can download the APP from:
In the first use please confirm the WiFi module connected to U200’S USB port and WiFi power supply port, then turn on the power of U200. Then go to WiFi setting in your phone/tablet, search for WiFi device named YULONG Audio, connect it, and open the installed APP.
Go to Device Setup
Choose device named YULONG Audio
Select Client Mode
Choose your WiFi network and input the authentication code.
When complete successfully, now you can use U200 as output device in the playback software.
IF the setting was wrong, please press the reset button on the WiFi module for 10 seconds then release, and it will reset.
If you can’t install the APP, you can connect the WiFi module by access to IP address
You can create a media server from your computer or your NAS, and play music from media server by choosing it in the playback software. For example you can create a media server using Foobar2000 via UPnP. Please set up media server by yourself.
If the WiFi connection fails or drops from time to time, if could be caused by channel interference. Please power cycle the WiFi module to reassign a channel.



USB input supports PCM 16-32 Bit, 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz, 192KHz, 352.8KHz, 384KHz, and DSD64 and DSD128.
USB supports Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows XP to Windows 8, 32 bit or 64 bit system (driver re-quired).
Signal to Noise Ratio: 120dB
Dynamic range: >115dB
Distortion: 0.0016%
Frequency response: -0.2dB @ 20Hz and 20KHz
Crosstalk: -110dB
Maximum line output: 2V RMS
Headphone output power: 60mW @ 600Ω, 150mW @ 300Ω,280mW @ 250Ω, 500mW @ 32Ω
Power consumption: <15W
Dimension: 200*120*50mm
Weight: 1.45KG

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Hii,  Can this UI200 be used as a pre-amplfier?  

3/25/16 10:54 AM Asked.

Hi taka,Yulong U200 can be used as a pre-amplfier.Thank you.

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