Questyle Q192 24bBit / 192KHz WM8741 DAC + Headphone Amplifier

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  • Input with Standard USB and Coaxial, 192KHz/24bit
  • Output with 6.5mm standard stereo headphone Jacks
  • Wolfson WM8740 DAC chip, with Questyle innovative circuit design
  • Design with pre-amp functions, well match with a pair of active bookshelf speakers



Design concept

Size is meaningless in judging an audio device,but sound performance means all! No matter in matching with high level PC HiFi system or with headphone, Q192 all provides distinguished performance.  


Advanced USB Asynchronous 3X Clock structure, follows the same design as the flagship DAC model CAS192. Wolfson WM8740 DAC chipset plus Questyle innovative circuit design, it brings outstanding sound performance. Apart from the DA converting, Q192 amplification utilized our patented current mode headphone amplification technology. 


The USB port adopts 3X Clock structure design, different from the ordinary USB asynchronous technology which use PLL synthesized clock while causes obvious jitter problem, the 3X Clock structure ensures the DAC to obtain a first class sound performance. 3 correspondence level clocks are custom made from Japan, individually control multiple of 44.1KHz, multiple of 48KHz and USB signal transmission, dedicated for USB asynchronous transmission, and reduced Jitter to undetectable level. Besides, we developed specific drive program for CAS192 for double guarantee of its performance stable and compatible. Apart from USB input, Q192 is also equipped with standard Coaxial input and output, all support 24bit/192KHz transmission, great helpful for CD/DVD player to improve sound performance.


Q192 DAC chipset is Wolfson WM8740, and based on it we designed our innovative circuit: 3 power regulators adopted to individually provide power for WM8740, Analogue output stage use ADI calculation amplifier OPA275 and WIMA FKP2 capacitors to reduce noise pollution. 

The Amplifier section is adopted Questyle patent Current Mode Amplification technology design. All the transistors are working in current mode, so it can provide 500KHz broad band range, ultra-low distortion of 0.0004%, high density, strong sense of space, and more details appearance. The output stage specially selects ultra-fast speed operation capacitors with 1A current output capacity, whose output voltage enough to drive 300ohm impedance headphone. 


Q192 is also designed with pre-amplifier functions, well match with a pair of active bookshelf speakers. On front panel there are two options of FIX(fixed meter) and ADJ (volume adjustable), in ADJ mode user can change volume by turning the volume switch. The Pre-amplifier output stage is equipped with a dedicated OP275 as buffer to avoid any interference to other parts. 


Power supply is the basic for good sound performance. Q192 transformer is custom made military version from “Bingzi” with full sealed, ultra-low noise, ultra-low magnet leak, both digital winding and analogue are individual.  Equipped with 12pcs of Schottky rectifiers, Nichicon FG capacitors, and 15 groups of Independent power regulators, it ensures that the power supply system noise level is limited to UV level.


Q192 aluminum house is produced by precise CNC tooling machine. Upper cover and bottom chassis “mutual bit” structure design, provides Q192 with stable heat, well control its sympathetic vibration and well fields the RFI/EMI.


A Q192, plus a nice headphone, will bring you a very nice music.   


Input and Output

1.Input with Standard USB and Coaxial, 192KHz/24bit

2.Output with 6.5mm standard stereo headphone Jacks

3.Coaxial output,support link to other digital audio device 

4.USB 3X clock structure for USB asynchronous transmission, which refers to3 independent ultra-low phase clocks respectively control USB data transmission, and data of integral multiples of 44.1KHz and 48KHz transmission, together with asynchronous technology, perfectly reduces Jitter to undetectable level.

5..The dedicated USB driver program guarantees the stability and compatibility of the whole system.

6..Build-in with Pre-amplifier function, output can be fixed at 2Vrms or be adjustable.

7..Independent Current Mode Amplification circuit design, with 500KHz broad fequency range, total harmonic distortion is as low as 0.0004%


 Digital-to-Analogue converting 

1.Wolfson WM8740 DAC chip, with Questyle innovative circuit design

2.4 levels of filters and voltage regulators for DAC chip

3.Specific OPA275 LPF output stage eliminates TIMD (Transient Intermodulation Distortion).

4.LPF and buffer all utilizes WIMA FKP2 capacitors are to reduce noise pollution.

5.Bespoke military “Bingzi” ring-shape transformer with full sealed and ultra-low noise, ultra-low magnet release, digital wire and analogue wire and both independent.

6.Schottky rectifier, 9pcs Nichicon FG capacitors and 18 sets of separate regulators are utilized. 



Technical parameters:

Digital Input  USB, Coaxial, PCM 44.1K-192K/16-24bit

DAC Chip  WM8740

Digital Output Standard Coaxial

USB input required OS Win XP,Vista,Win7,Win8 and Mac

USB Input required player  No special requirement

USB Kernel stream mode WASAPI,ASIO,KS

Analogue Output Unbalance output

Headphone Output  Standard 6.5mm Jacks

Headphone output Max amplitude  11V(P-P),4Vrms

Headphone Output Max power [email protected] ohm;[email protected] ohm

Headphone Output THD+N  <0.005%

Headphone output SNR  110dB

Analogue Output Max amplitude  2Vrms

Analogue Output Frequency DC-77.5 kHz(192K sampling, +0,-3dB)

Analogue Output THD+N  < 0.005%

Analogue Output SNR  112dB

N/W: 2KG
Product Dimension: 245x130x55(mm)
G/W: 3.5KG
Carton Dimension: 365x360x145(mm)


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