SMSL DP3 DSD HIFI Digital Turntable Hard Disk Balanced and Unbalanced Headphone Amplifier WIFI Network Music Player

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  • High specification playback performance, support multiple audio formats.
  • Inputs:This class D amplifier supports USB, bluetooth, SD card,USB Audio,DLNA and NAS inputs.
  • High-fidelity network music player: A lossless player with amp output, wireless control of the smart phone side.
  • With two-way Bluetooth transmission: output as a Bluetooth digital dial, used as a Bluetooth player interface when input.



Product description:


Dimensions: 198 * 205 * 50 mm (Length * Width * Height) 
Color : Black
Model No.: DP3 



DP3 is a multi-function amplifier, it has 
6 inputs: 1.USB Audio 2.SD card 3.USB 4.Bluetooth 5.DLNA 6.SAMBA (NAS) 
8 Outputs : 1.Line 2.Balanced headphones 3.Unbalanced headphones 4.Optical fiber 5.Coaxial 6.AES 7.Bluetooth 8.USB 

Bluetooth Connectivity: 


1.Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming 
2.Works with All of Your Favorite Devices 
3.(iPhone, Android, Smartphone, iPad, Tablet, MP3 Player, etc.) 
4.Bluetooth Version: 4.0 

Professional hardware specifications: 
With low-noise high-precision active crystal, RMS Jitter is better than 0.1ps @ 10Hz-1Mz, and phase noise is 
lower than -166dBc / Hz @ 1MHz offset. Ensure audio signal output, reduce noise and improve sound quality. 
LAN network connection can be performed either wirelessly or by cable, corresponding to multiple network application scenarios. 

High specification decoding chip & DSD: 
Using 2 US ESS SABRE9018Q2C high dynamic range low distortion.It can support 32 bit processing ,genuine native 
hard solution DSD256 and it’s suitable for various mainstream audio formats 


Input mode:USB/USB Audio/SD/Bluetooth/DLNA/SAMBA(NAS)
Output mode:Line/Headphone/Optical/Coaxial/AES/Bluetooth/USB
THD+N:Line output 0.0008% Unbalanced output 0.0008% Balanced output 0.004%
Dynamic range:line output 121dB
SNR:line output 112dB Unbalanced output 112dB Balanced output 110dB
Headphone output power:Unbalanced output 58mW(32Ω) 46mW(64Ω) 26mW(150Ω) Balanced output 113mW(32Ω) 110mW(64Ω) 78mW(150Ω) 49mW(300Ω)
Line output level:2Vrms
USB Audio:DSD Top support DSD256 PCM Top support PCM384khz

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