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SMSL Sanskrit PHA HiFi Headphone Amplifier

  • With a preamp output interface
  • High-level input coupling capacitor
  • High-level electronic volume control
  • customized ultra low noise power supply module

In recent years, two wooden Samling company has been committed to R & D and manufacturing various types of Shaoyou convenience, good sound audio products, from the past, and now and then to the future, the production cost, convenience and good sound is always a double wood products Sanlin corporate purposes. Whether it is launched this year, plug and play of the M6, V2 amp decoding high cost of one machine, or a year's flagship product M8 three-piece (M8 decoder, VA2 headphone amplifier, P1 linear power supply). burning faithful can feel the double wooden Sanlin its unique product logo - mini, easy to use, high degree of completion products and comprehensive match program. The Sanskrit pha is a double wooden Sanlin latest flagship headphones (front stage) amplifier, but also to improve the "Panda" series product line of a product.


Beginning with SMSL flagship decoder supporting VA2 M8 specialized headphone amps, Sanskrit pha is Sanskrit pro decoder supporting dedicated headphone amplifier tuning. In fact, after July Sanskrit pro decoder launch, Sanskrit pha has entered the final testing phase, but in order to better achieve the perfect product to complete the degree and decoder combined with Sanskrit pro, SMSL constantly Sanskrit pha debugging, tuning and upgrade modifications countless details.


1. Patent headphone amplifier circuit;
2. High-level electronic volume control;
3. customized ultra low noise power supply module!
4. All low-noise components MELF resistors and the like;
5. High-level input coupling capacitor!
6. with a preamp output interface, you can use as a pre HIFI system level.



Amp output power:
32 ohms 330mW @ THD = 0.01%
64 ohms 545mW @ THD = 0.008%
150 ohms 240mW @ THD = 0.004%
300 ohms 122mW @ THD = 0.003%
Preamp output THD + N: 0.0006%
SNR:> 105dB
Channel separation:> 105dB
Total power consumption: 5W


1 x Sanakrit PHA Unit
1 x User Manual
1 x Power Adapter


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amanda hackett1
Jun 4, 2017 3:17:30 PM
can this amp drive beyerdynamic t1?
Jun 4, 2017 3:17:30 PM
Hi amanda,yes,the Sanskrit PHA can drive beyerdynamic t1.Thank you.
Richard Boyton1
Nov 9, 2016 7:40:10 AM
Is there or is there going to be a remote control for this headphone amplifier?
Nov 9, 2016 7:40:10 AM
Hi Richard,SMSL Sanskrit PHA have no remote control.Thank you.

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