SMSL SAP-10 Full Balance Headphone Amplifier Linear Power Supply High Power Head

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  • This unit support both balanced input and output.
  • RCA analog output also supported.
  • Featured with XLR balanced output.
  • Supported 6.35mm headphone jack output.



Balanced desktop headphone Amp

Affordable,easy to use,and remarkably effective

Offering a better listening experience


Offering powerful output from two pieces of high performance TPA6210A2 amp chip imported from Texas Instruments

This unit support both balanced input and output

RCA analog output also supported

Featured with XLR balanced output

Supported 6.35mm headphone jack output

It designed inteligently with No popping sound that protect headphone from damage

Independent balanced circuit

Using high performance electronic volume control IC which ensure balanced output on right and left channel


Notes: It takes 2 to 3 seconds to power on.Blue LED active when unbalanced input,Purple LED on when balanced input.Red LED on when powered off






Headphone amplifier output power (@THD=0.1%)

Balanced  32ohms  660mW;300ohms 170mW

Unbalanced   32ohms  275mW;300ohms 48mW


Package size:L285*W256*H80(MM)

Machine size:L205*W155*H47(MM)

Net weight:1444g

Gross weight:1867g


Internal illustration

Built-in high performance and low-vibration TRAID transformer from USD to power the amp sufficiently

Four pieces of 300uF nichicon FW series audiophile capacitors used in power filter circuit

Signal coupling aspect,SAP-10 uses 10 pieces of epcos audiophile standard film capacitor.

It uses audiophile four channel ultra-low distortion NJW1195 volume control chip which ensure balanced output of right and left channel and abosolutely balanced phase

Using two pieces of advanced TPA6120A2 headphone amp chip which ensure to offer big power and low distortion.

All the jacks are gold-plated,durable and reliable

Panasonic relays used to protect headphone demage from popping sound and reduce lossless of audio signal


Balanced output and unbalanced output can not use at the same time

Hearing experts advise against continuous,loud and extended play.If you experience a ringing in your ears,reduce volume or discontinue use

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