SMSL SAP-12 Class A/B RCA input/output 6.35mm Headphone output Headphones Amplifier

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  • Use specially-designed power supply and excellent power circuit
  • Use ultra low distortion op amps for signal amplification
  • Uses top audio capacitors for coupling that is rigorously filtered
  • Use Japan ALPS potentiometer volume control
  • With pre-output function, can be used as an ultra-low distortion advance amplifier



1.The newest designed patent discrete component output stage circuit with low distortion,overall distor-tion down to 0.0003% and the output current is bigger than ever.
2.Using special customized power supply and excellent power circuit.
3.Using ultra-low distortion operational amplifier for large signals.
4.Top audio capacitors for coupling.
5.Using Japan ALPS potentiometer for volume control.
6.With pre-output function and be used as an ultra-low distortion preamplifier.
7.Using panasonic relay for signal switch.


Input interface: RCA
Output interface: RCA/6.35MM
Signal to noise ratio: 110db
THD+N: Headphones 0.0009% RCA 0.0003%
Input voltage: DC5V
Power consumption: 1.5W
Headphone output power
32ohms 210mW
15ohms 93mW
600ohms 28mW
64ohms 160mW
300ohms 52.5mW

Customer Questions & Answers


What is the purpose of having two power connections?

11/5/18 9:56 AM Asked.

Hi Bob, Both 1 and 2 are directly connected and function identically. The purpose of the two interfaces is to allow the user to power both SAP12 and M8A with one adapter. At this point, "1" is connected to the input, "2" is connected to M8A, and this connection cable can be found in the package.Thank you!

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What is the output impedance of the 6.35mm jack ? Hopefully lower than SMSL's usual 10ohm? (not power output, output impedance)

1/25/19 11:53 PM Asked.

Hi Paul, The lowest output impedance is 32ohm. But it is also possible for SAP-12 to be used to work with lower impedance headphones.Thank you!

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