SongHui TECH A1 Four Road Input Driving MOSFET Tube HIFI Tube Amplifier 120W*2 Power Amplifier

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  • Dual voltage power supply.
  • High school bass three sections of balance.
  • Power amplifier power 120 w * 2.
  • Sound quality thick sweet fruity.



Standard version: dawn 12au7 tube (former stage amplifier) + S ceramic NE5532AFE (buffer) + OP285G (front drive) + division to drive the MOSFET tube core circuit 120 w * 2 + high quality high power MOSFET type power amplifier. 

Higher version: dawn 12au7 tube (former stage amplifier) + OPA627 * 2 (buffer) + MUSES8820 (front drive) + division to drive the MOSFET tube core circuit 120 w * 2 + high quality high power MOSFET type power amplifier. 

Deluxe edition: the voice of the noble 12au7 TII tube (former stage amplifier) + MUSES8920 (buffer)+MUSES8920 (front drive)+division to drive the MOSFET tube core circuit 120 w * 2 + high quality high power MOSFET type power amplifier. 

Note:This machine is to put all the adapter op-amp,can upgrade the op-amp itself.

With high quality materials and the quality of high quality for the comprehensive considerations,product quality not easy stacking and to audio quality than obvious cognitive person can.

Power amplifier/amplifiers sound quality is outstanding,timbre,exquisite and resistant to listen to,high bright,crystal clear, sweet fruity,alto loud,warm, thick,bass dive deep and heavy fact,amount,including three sections of the balance.

Tube pre-amplifier and divided driving MOSFET tube core circuit design,dual voltage power supply,strong thrust,bass heavy fact,control precision,the push AKG701, the hd650's causes,HD800 high impedance headphones.

Built-in high quality high power MOSFET type 120W * 2 amplifiers,excellent quality,the high round exquisite,mediant is mellow,impartial,dive deep bass control, drums, quantity,strong thrust.

Ear low output resistance,total resistance headset adapter.High/low gain switch, convenient access to high and low impedance headphones.

Analog audio input: four road,LINE1 RCA1 (simulation),LINE2 (analog RCA2),LINE3 RCA3 (simulation),AUX.

Output options: output/amp power amplifier output.

The machine 7 relay all adopt Japan omron,excellent quality and stability,improve machine reliability.

The power switch,power socket, input selector switch,shaking his head switches, potentiometers all adopt Taiwan is produced.

RCA,headphones,crystal gold-plated terminal all process,stable and reliable quality.

Electrolytic capacitor using audio fever quality goods such as PANASONIC ,ELNA,NICHICON,NOVER,WIMA,AVF(kingbox),etc.

Tube,the op-amp,power tube and other spare parts are all made of authentic materials,quality stable and reliable.


Input Z:Line(1/2)/Aux Input 33KΩ

Balance Input 20KΩ

Headphone Output Z:10Ω

Line Input Sensitivity:300mV±50mV

Frequency Response:

Headphone:7Hz-100KHz -3dB

Amplifier: 20Hz-30KHz -1dB

SNR(Typical):100dB Input without any connection, regardless of the rights


Headphone:[email protected] into 16Ω<0.3%

Amplifier:[email protected],8Ω<0.5%


Headphone:[email protected] into 16Ω<0.3%

Amplifier:[email protected]Ω<0.8%

Maximum Gain:35dB

Maximum Input Level:+24dBu

Crosstalk,dB:[email protected];[email protected]

Usable Headphone Impedance Range:10-1000Ω

Output Maximun Power

Headphone:600Ω @ 430mW;300Ω @ 850mW

Amplifier:4Ω @ 120W*2;8Ω @ 80W*2

Ac Power:220-240VAC 50Hz or 100-120V 60Hz

Net Weight:2.5Kg

Dimensions:L253mm x W190mm x H 71mm

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