Zephone Twilight EA-1 AKG K450 Q460 Headphone Upgraded Cable Black

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  • Ensure the durability and sound
  • Ensure durability and sound stability
  • Use a variety of high-quality plug VIABLUE
  • Ensure shielding performance and tensile and flexural strength


Plug: using a variety of high-quality plug VIABLUE ,ensure durability and sound stability
Line Body: hand-woven, high-quality soft tube to ensure shielding performance and tensile strength, flexural strength
Pin: Affluence exclusive use of custom-made pins, thick gold layer to ensure the durability and sound
Material: The inner core is silver cable, use copper surrounded, and then is outside the shielding net, then the insulating rubber;
Color: Black
Cable length: 120cm +5 cm
For: AKG K450, Q460
AKG Q460 original line quality characteristics:
Q460 is low formal, partial thickness heavier bass frequency, high frequency extension is acceptable resolution in general, the sound field than k450 round, but somewhat lacking integrity to listen to for a long time will feel irritable.
After changing line, Q460 has sound characteristics
Affluence Twilight replacement headphones on line after the upgrade, Q460 has low dive and flexibility enhancements, IF clarity, delicate, high-frequency extension and resolution of a better degree sound field and sound perfect coherence enhanced Naiting improve a lot .
AKG K450 sound quality of the original line features:
K450 in the original line of low-frequency sounds will hypertrophy phenomenon, and by high-frequency low-frequency effects and become more involved in dim, resolution is poor, and the longitudinal sound field open, resulting in an overall sense of hearing more boring, female sense of hearing is poor.

After changing line K450 sound characteristics
K450 IF can clearly feel the energy released because low-frequency micro-light can converge, it effectively reduces the original line boring, inadequate and vertical resolution of the problem of poor sound field. Using micro-light, the sound of k450 becomes balanced, transparent, resolution improved significantly, especially for popular music to enhance the sense of hearing, has a great help.
K450 changeovers steps:
1.use the cable of K450 gently push in line rotated 90 degrees clockwise, gently pull
2. lines will be upgraded for a good 450 tooth groove position, insert the upgrade line
3. lock can be rotated 90 degrees

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