ZY HiFi Cable Sennheiser HD800 Headphone Upgrade Cable Balance (Double 3-pin XLR male plug) ZY-045

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  • High resolving power
  • Clear detail rich layering
  • Smooth sound transparent



Name: HD800 upgrade cable (Double 3-pin XLR balance)
Material: large diameter four-core twisted crystal copper (OCC 6N)
Plug: HD800 Professional plug; Double 3-pin XLR -Neutrik plated nickel silver
Features: high resolving power, smooth sound transparent, clear detail rich layering; IF moist, voice magnetic; LF full and powerful.

Length: 2.5m

Customer Questions & Answers

David Marshall
David Marshall

How long before I have the cables

6/7/16 10:19 PM Asked.

Hi David,the cable is 2.5m.It will take 3-15 days.Thank you.

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Thank you so much for writing back so quickly! I am very thankful and impressed. Is there any way to have them closer to the 3 day? Also are you familiar with the TEAC UD-503. Do you have a product like this which is better and less expensive. Last, many people say if you mix the DAC with the AMP for headphones you will be lacking in the AMP and therefore should separate them. Do you have a product which will allow me to pull music from my PC with USB-B/DAC and also have a Class A  Amp? Thank you so much. I hope to get the HD800 as soon as possible. Should I order here or on Amazon? I have had the headphones for 2 weeks and have not listened to

6/7/16 11:07 PM Asked.

Hi David,You can order here.where to ship?it's the fastest way will take 2-7days.i will ship as soon as you order.Our company HIFI enthusiasts tell me that the TEAC UD-503 is dynamic general, the voice is too feminine.He recommend DA&T U4.Passive touch switch, without shutdown, standby. Listening is the best state at any time. You can close the decoding function, become a pure amplifier. Its feature is no gain. You can cooperate with different impedance, sensitivity of headphones for the adjustment of the gain.I had sent an email to you.Please check it.Thank you.

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