Zephone Apollo EI-13 Sennheiser IE8/80 Headphone Upgraded Cable

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  • To enhance IE8/IE80 sound quality
  • Make the sound more detailed and precise
  • Sound quality smooth, pure and rich texture
  • Improved the high and low frequency extension

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Length: 120cm ± 5cm
Material: silver plated OFC
Color: red and blue, blue, red, green, purple black
Suitable for:
The inner core is silver cable, use copper surrounded, and then is outside the shielding net, then the insulating rubber;

Sense of hearing

To enhance the sound quality IE8/IE80
Apollo low distortion transmission line retains the original sound IE8/IE80 dynamic and sound continuity, but for the sound into a lot of elements IE8/IE80 did not, for example, distinct sound level, quiet background and sense of speed, sound localization ability, making the sound more detailed and precise.

Sound quality and smooth, pure, rich texture
using 6N flat-shaped silver-plated oxygen-free copper material design of an upgraded line. Pure sound and smooth rich texture and has a strong penetration has significantly improved in the high and low frequency extension and space flu.

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