Zephone Baldur EL-3 Fever Shure SE Series Headphone Upgraded Cable Black

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  • Make the hearts of the casual mood
  • Sense of hearing is very balanced sound
  • More coherent between musical instruments
  • li>Improve dynamic performance and musical subtleties



Length: 120cm ± 5cm
Material: Copper Clad Silver
Apply: SE535/425/555, UE900

Details of each instrument pan Bard put together after the upgrade line, more coherent between musical instruments, regardless of a wide variety of musical instruments, TF10 put Bard upgraded lines especially in the strong low-frequency contrast, are able to per there are no musical instruments of flocculation of expression. "Detail, realistic, transparent, dynamic performance and musical subtleties have been significantly improved.


For 535
Baldur as a high-end cable, pay more attention to restore his voice, less staining. Such as his sound field is circular, there is no sense of discomfort generally flat ear acoustic field. When use the Baldur to heard the sound, will feel the sound is very clear, neither frivolous nor old-fashioned, listening to musical texture is also better able to restore the tone characteristics of each musical instrument, and more natural spread to the ears.

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