Zephone Eris EL-27 Fever Shure SE Series Headphone Upgraded Cable

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  • Enhance the sound density
  • Can improve the sound of UE900
  • Very strong voice correction capability
  • Improve the sense of speed and sophistication



Length: 120cm ± 5cm
Material: Copper Clad Silver
Color: transparent, blue
Suitable for: custom earplugs TF10/15, SE535, IE8, UM3X, UE900
Eris features: sweet (for ue900 more than 535)
For SE535
535 listeners can eliminate the sound, to enhance the sound density, so IF sweet smoothness degree and become warm mellow enhance his ethereal high frequency freedom, feeling a bit abstract for people to listen to the sound of pop music.

For UE900
Can improve the sound ue900 cohesion and soften dry ue900 tough vocals, bass cut too large thickness, but also improve the sense of speed and sophistication of the sound, high-frequency extension and increased brightness, overall, Eris for ue900 there is a very strong voice correction capability

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