Zephone Nasiville EL-7 Fever Shure SE Series Headphone Upgraded Cable Transparent

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  • Obviously a relatively original upgrade 
  • The sound also increased sense of power
  • Nashville make 535 sound becomes fresh and dynamic
  • From overall sound to enhance a certain density and positioning accuracy



Length : 120cm ± 5cm
Material: Copper Clad Silver
Weight: 60g
Apply : SE535 \ 425 \ 555, UE900


Sense of hearing :
Silver plated oxygen-free copper cable from the overall sound to enhance a certain density and positioning accuracy , the sound also increased sense of power , these are the benefits of the new structure was to bring that feeling from listening on the Nashville sound field performance in very solid, precise positioning, which is obviously a relatively original upgrade .

Features of 535 cable

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee , is a country music mecca , with "Music " in the title . The silver-plated copper wire using advanced wire, and uses that as the country 's sky deep blue sky background as a tone, from the appearance point of view , there are already clear somewhat lofty feeling.

535 more balanced sound at the end , partial listening style for country music , jazz music, the performance of a class of relatively bland taste , nothing special place to impress people . The first feeling put Nashville after moving to some of the obvious , why? Because the monitor headphones tend to sound relatively flat , focusing on sound resolution and stability, not deliberately emphasize the special properties such as density of some sense , a sense of energy and rhythm of this kind of music. Nashville contrast the original line , in addition to increased sense of low volume and high-frequency control, but also enhance the beauty of those hidden music source , such as the intensity, pace and so on.

Nashville is a make 535 sound becomes fresh and dynamic wire, especially in country, jazz and even slow roll becomes very vivid. Shure headphones recommended want your sound come alive , then you can try Nashville .

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