Zephone Twilight EL-24 Fever Shure SE Series Headphone Upgraded Cable

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  • Reduce high-frequency sound tooth
  • Composed of multi- coaxial structure
  • Good-natured dynamic increase loose sense of hearing
  • Micro light is more suitable for long listening with rich vocal music



Length : 120cm ± 5cm
Weight: 62g
Material: Copper Clad Silver
Color: transparent, black
Suitable for: custom earplugs TF10/15, SE535, IE8, UM3X, UE900



Micro- light is multi-strand silver-plated high copper extrusion line , composed of multi- coaxial structure . Wire twisted body structure manufacturing . Ultra- soft outer covering of transparent material , tensile, wear, resistance to low temperature . Increased thickness and low-frequency amount of sense to reduce high-frequency sound tooth , micro light is more suitable for long listening with rich vocal music. Able to cold iron ear inject emotion, good-natured dynamic increase loose sense of hearing .


Sense of hearing :
LLL should be all inside the headphone cable oldest , his low price, so a lot of players are using this wire entry for maintenance and upgrading of a wire earphone headset original line of entry-level silver-plated copper wire because this sounds and his price has the same charm. As an upgraded line ie8, 80 's , most of the products available in the market have taken a high-priced strategy, and this makes the shimmer is particularly prominent low wire.

On the whole , micro- light change of sound is very clear , the original line there will be some improvement with respect , but will not necessarily be to everyone 's taste. For example, you used to listen to great music with the original line of preparation , then shimmer is not so great preparation for listening to classical music , you may feel as good as the original line . But if you listen to the original line with a large establishment, but wanted to change the line listening to pop , then, is the lowest-quality selection of shimmer . His role , both to eliminate high frequency irritant to some extent , but also a sense of convergence excessive amount of high-frequency , more importantly, to enhance the emotional and cohesion , it is to enjoy pop music elements , and these elements of classical music and perhaps does not seem so important.

Perhaps for any set of headphones , a popular line of shimmer can listen to popular music, but for ie8, 80, his meaning is not only suitable for the popular line , but major changes occurred in the style of headphones .

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