DUNU TITAN-6 Dynamic 12.6mm Beryllium Diaphragm TITAN6 HIFI Earplugs Sports Wired Mobile Phone In-ear Earphones

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  • The coil unit of ferromagnetic beryllium diaphragm.
  • Single crystal copper and single crystal copper silver plated braided wire.
  • Patented Expansion MMCX Pin.
  • Standard Bluetooth Headset Sport Kit.
  • HI-Res Audio certification

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● The coil unit of ferromagnetic beryllium diaphragm: The coil unit of DUNU's ferromagnetic beryllium diaphragm uses N52 neodymium iron boron ferromagnetic for magnetic circuit system, greatly increases the amount of magnetic flux, and the earphone magnetic circuit of the same price Compared with this, it can provide stronger dynamics, and can improve the ease of driving while at the same time providing a better transient expression.
● Single crystal copper and single crystal copper silver plated braided wire: Equipped with four high purity single crystal copper silver plated braided wire as a standard, despite the flagship level ear plugs, no grade up wire Unnecessary, the original wire can keep Titan-6 in a pure fire blue state.
● Patented Expansion MMCX Pin: The DUNU patented expansion MMCX pin is compatible with a wide range of standard MMCX interfaces, greatly improving the reliability of the pin, extending the life and effectively avoiding general MMCX contact failures.
● Standard Bluetooth Headset Sport Kit: Package includes 3 sets of Sport Kit. It weighs 7.63g and can be worn comfortably. Connecting to a Bluetooth cable is a high quality Bluetooth headset. (Note: Bluetooth cable must be purchased separately)
● HI-Res Audio certification: TITAN-6 has passed the "Hi-Res Audio" certification of the Japan Audio Association, and the frequency response is as wide as 5 Hz-40 kHz. Enjoy a complete and clear sound experience.

Product parameter:

Frequency response: 5 Hz to 40 kHz
THD: <0.5% at 1 kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Net weight: 7.63 g
Line length: 1.2 meters
Pin: Extended Standard MMCX Pin
DB value: 112 db (± 2) at 1 kHz

List of attachments:

Monocrystalline copper and monocrystalline copper silver plated hybrid headphone cable * 1
Leather storage bag × 1
Vocal set x 3 pairs
Balance set x 4 pairs (one of which is the default earphone for earphones)
Sports kit x 3 pairs

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